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  1. A picture says more than thousand words
    and so on

  2. lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! idk whats worse the daisy dukes or the fact that someone still wears fubu.

  3. This guy is truly frighten, but not as a thug. When I look at this picture, thug is NOT the word I would use. More like, “Gay Pride Reject 1985”, first one fired off the Michael Jackson Beat It Video, again 1985. His evenly rolled-up short-shorts, and color matching shoes, shirt and scarf, screams “I’m a very confused, closeted, gay black man”, but you know I look good — so don’t hate.

  4. OMG! And he’s going to the “Meat Market” — how did I miss that? Wow. Yeah. I’m going with confused, closeted gay blackman. He’s wearing all that crap, so the other dudes in the neighborhood don’t give him shit for being gay, as he is clearly trying do dam hard to like women. (Poor confused bastard)

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