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  1. Assuming it’s genuine, I think he’ll crack soon. He’s online asking for fellow anime lovers, so must be lonely / unbelievably gullible / socially psychotic / all of the above. Wonder if they’ve read this thread yet..

  2. As mad as a hatter but sincere. I presume ‘Who framed Roger Rabbit?’ is hardcore. Warner bros is like Swedish Erotica…

  3. the only thing i can say, is, what the fuck.yea hentai can be sexy, some of it at least, but if your world revolves around it being in fantasy, wow…so,, where did i put that straight jacket?

  4. does it not bother anyone else this man says the female body is disgusting? & Imperfections are a good enough reason to jerk his meat to cartoon character? if this PIG ever got some, maybe his perception on “in real life” would actually be, the real life..

  5. No wonder why there are so many unsatisfied women on this planet, 40% of the guys are in jail, 40% of the guys are married, 15% of the guys are gay, and the other 5% are beating off to cartoon women! Alright, us married guys need to step up!

  6. whoa, feel like this is what is wrong now. Plenty of women, not me, who are looking for someone, I would never recommend this freak Amazing shit out there.

  7. @OP
    *takes breath*
    Yeah, that’s a good idea. I should listen to it to get this dumb shit out of my head.

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