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  1. OMG, another pointless Google Suggest Fail apparently… I don’t even see the fail, I can answer all those questions…lol 😉

    1. so, Google doesn’t like Mexicans.. probably because they’re short, ugly, perverted, and stupid..

    2. for your information, there is only one human race… dont start calling people dumbass if you dont know that.
      ethnicity is another thing

    3. heyy im mexican im not ugly and im a semipro basketball player and im withe i have yellow hair and please don’t generalize and the fucking gringos are too stupid you know

    4. come on, i’m mexican 😉
      we, the mexicans who living in mexico (no chicanos)
      are so much better than the most of the gringos 😀

    5. Epic fail to the one who said that the Human Race is the only race and that nationalities aren’t races. It’s called general terminology, retard.

    6. No dumbass, general terminology is how you classify animals. Like genus and shit. Humans aren’t animals…. FAIL

    7. Of course human are animals, they are mammals. they are living creatures who evolved trough millions of years, not as long as the dinosaurs, but a coule of mill years. Hope you learned something, you cant know everything anyways…

    1. Men should do something for Testicular Cancer awareness. Post which one of your nuts hangs lower

  2. f*ck, I thought you were a little bit more better than MSN, but I was wrong, I was expecting that from anybody, but not from you, sc*w you f*n’ racist f*gs >=[

    1. Yang, standing up to racism is right. Right on! However, “Google suggest” only shows you what the most common searches by everyday users of Google are. Like a mirror, it reflects back society’s curiosity. The real enemy is the ignorance of the masses.
      Also, I disagree with your use of the word “fag” as an insult. I’m not saying you’re homophobic, but the word is inherently offensive to gay people. Since racism and homophobia are so closely linked together, then calling a “racist” a “fag” is not helping.

  3. WTF
    honestly… gringos are waaaaay more stupid than mexicans…
    and yes, I said gringos
    and it’s part of my everyday vocabulary
    and I’m mexican

    1. Look give us five more years and you’ll be runnin for the border or you will be punished. You’re so smart that you can’t see the writing on the wall.

  4. it is normal that the Americans think that Mexicans are ugly as people illegally crossing the border is the poorest, the educated and higher income are not going to estates rider together. by both the Mexican people in the united states this is unfortunately the worst of Mexico, not only are poor, ugly are also criminals, so it is understandable to some extent one thinks that way

    1. You are right, succesful mexican people don’t cross illegally the border, only the ones who are looking for a “better” life do that, it’s a shame that many US Americans think that all mexicans are poor

    2. You are right, only poor, uneducated criminals are ugly. That’s why every ugly person in my high school was a poor, uneducated criminal. That’s why there are no sexy people in jail. *rolls eyes*

  5. I can understan why almost all americans hate us, mexicans in the US are fuckin assholes and pretty arrogant.

    And yes, alost everybody here is ugly. But there are pretty hot girls too 🙂

  6. You know, my husband was born and raised in Mexico. He is in no way ugly,stupid, short, or a pervert. He is very handsome, he’d probably put most Anglo’s to shame. So that is definitely a FAIL on Google.

  7. definetly understand the why are mexicans so perverted. Sorry racial stereo typing ;). need to vent. but seriously why do u horny bastards think it’s okay to stare and speak spanish to each other like u think we do not realize u r gawking and fucking pointin and ‘hey baby was up? u wanna go home with me? what are you doing? come here and sit on my lap.” and so on. okay maybe it’s just me.’

  8. why are lots of “gringos” in this page doing so stupid things??
    americans are the most first persons being assholes
    chinguen a su reputisisisisisima madre americans, you moron
    your stupidity shown in this page made all my days hahahaha faggots

  9. Im a proud mexican girl who is studying international bussiness, i can clearly speak english and also a little bit of frech (so im not stupid), if you could see a picture of me or some of the girls who live at guadalajara (NOT SPAIN…. GUADALAJARA JALISCO) you just shut up.. Perverted? NO WAY!! It depends on the person… For the ones that say that we are a race.. PLEASE dont be sooo ignorant… Race: Caucasian, negroid, mongoloid…. Nationalities : Mexican , american, african…. Have a nice day and please remember not judging, mexicans, americans, women or men… 😉

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