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  1. funny at first.. but I dont like how the guys just lol at him and dont move a finger to help him.. some friends they are..

    1. The only sad thing is that this fat fuck can’t haul his blubbery ass onto the ice pack. Serves him right that he’s got to freeze in the turd-filled sewage pond. If you’re stupid enough to walk on thin ice, you deserve to become a meat popsicle.

    2. Give me a break. The water obviously isn’t deep, so there’s no real danger. You can’t pass up an epic chance to have fun at another guy’s expense.

    3. And in all honesty, I’m not sure having more people climb onto the breaking ice would actually have helped.

    4. Yeah… One dude just broke through the ice. His friends are obviously jerks for not adding another person’s weight onto the ice. SMRT!

  2. Epic fail, but not because the poor kid fell, but because of the “friends” that just stood around and laughed at him. You can hear how scared that kid is when he says, “help me”, but they’re too busy laughing. And you can’t dismiss him simply saying “he’s fat, he deserves it”. Jebus! My 16 yr old son is almost 6’3″ and 260. He also plays varsity football. It’s his job to keep the quarterback from getting knocked on his ass, and he does his job well. If he fell into a pond like this one, it’d be damn hard to get out of again. This stunt was stupid and dangerous. I just hope the asshat filming put the camera down long enough to help the kid out.

    1. No I totally agree with daydreambeleevr. His “friends” were jackasses to just stand there. The water was freezing, and its not because of his weight that he couldn’t get out, its because of the ice. When you pour water or any liquid on ice, it gets more slippery, and that’s why he had a hard time getting out. You can tell he is seriously scared/worried, and all they did was stand there.

      And if you want to make fun of his weight, think about it like this: I weigh over 200 pounds too from working out. I’m physically fit, and I’m sure that I would have had trouble getting out of there too.

    1. I agree actually, but you still failed many times over on previous posts if you’re the same Dan I think you are.

  3. …A week or 2 ago there was a video,of a fat kid being ‘rescued’ from the bottom of a skate bowl…People helped him,and he wasn’t even really in emediate danger…Meanwhile the ice is cracking,EVERYWHERE this kid reaches too,and all people can do is laugh…Its gunna be allot harder to drag him out dead weight than alive…but than again,maybe they plan on leaving him there…f*ckrz…

  4. Fat and ginger? This kid is fucked. Might be better to let the animals devour him. I mean he’s obviously not going to be curing cancer or protecting a quarterback with his intelligence and physical prowess.

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