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    1. i agree with u when i saw it the first time she jumped off i was like but after looking at it it does look like she tried to hang her self…

    1. To me the way she was grinning when she looked in the mirror at the end, it look like she tied herself to the swing to make a mark to look like she hung herself and lived.. where the swing jerked as she fell was too low to have been a hoodie string.

    1. If it was tied prior to the jump she wouldnt be able to jump. You can clearly see its the chain from the swing, how would she be able to swing with only one chain on one side of the swing.

    2. there is extra slack on the rope she used, both chains are intact before and after the jump, and then she would so calmly video tap herself?

  1. Now who in the hell is naming these videos?Who ever it is don’t know what the FK theie talking about.
    “Rope Swing”I see chain link swing and yes it was a string from her hoodie which I thought was her hair.

  2. so pretty do be so dumb like that she could have easily broken her neck just like the Teachers use to tell us do not jump from the swings you’ll break something

  3. attention whore maybe … but seriously this was planned because why would she even be filming her on a swing.. and it def was her filming it beacuse she filmed after it to show the marks… she probably wants people to think she’s some sex freak or she was attacked by a guy.

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