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    1. no, fail is pretty close to fall, so “about to fail” kind of sounds like “about to fall”

    1. LOL fucking funny shit…i thought so to…it cracks me up how he’s still holding the drinks like he has a comeback…DUDE fucking abort mission its over

    2. That’s so funny, I didn’t notice until you said something. He’s thinking, “Okay, if I play this just right, I’ll look really cool.”

  1. probably thinking he could levitate if he tries to believe he can. NOPE eat mudd pie noob, pray you dont land in fresh pig turd. NEXT UP guy wrassles pigs for his dignity.

  2. the guy in the white shirt in the far right corner seems to be the only one who is already beginning to laugh…thats something i would do. lol

  3. I know that guy…his my friend alejandro and it was taken in a new years party in Iquique ,Chile ( viva chile mierda)

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