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    1. not a fail? well he FAILed to land it. also like MrDouche said..who the fuck tries that to show off? Dude just risked killing himself to look cool. Yeah, that sounds pretty fail to me.

    2. Well, while I agree it’s a ridiculously stupid risk to take, you know as well as I do that if he had landed it perfectly, the video would not be on this site as a fail just because the stunt is moronic.

  1. [sarcasm] Its the latest fad people! Cliff gymnastics, if you don’t break your neck or spine, you win! [/sarcasm]

    1. actully before we sighn up to this site it said in small print we have to like you…naturally we’are obliged to humer this request

    1. something you could never do 🙂 thats what most people are attempting when playing individual sports. Didn’t you ever have fun as a child ? did you ever jump , spin or tumble ? is there a purpose for any of those things other than having fun ?

  2. There are easier ways to break your spine, if you know how to protect yourself there is not much risk in jumping of that sandcliff, you just have to tuck in your head like he did. Also it doesn’t hurt much to land in the sand like that, but obviously you guys are pussies who never tried jumping in the sand lol.

  3. this isn’t a fail at all. i’ve done backflips off dunes like this before, even if you land on your head you’re fine. it’s a pretty safe way to do crazy shit. anyone who calls this a fail is a giant sloppy pussy.

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