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  1. lol funny but this isn’t a reporter fail, it’s an interviewee fail – I guess not everyone understands spanish very well

    1. Reporter says: do we have to make a rectification to your court about the laboral justice, being prooved in about 10 regions of the country?
      Lawyer says: Well, responding to the lawsuit…, and the lawsuit..
      and she fainted…

  2. it was very funny, she wasn’t a reporter, she was a lawyer and she was totally lost about the question that the reporter asked her and the end she fainting saying “a lawsuit… a lawsuit …. ” hoho. It was very funny in my country

    1. You idiot…
      this took place in Chile… And portugal Isn’t a kingdom, it’s just a country, you wanker…

  3. As much as I make fun of fatties on here, I’d like to point out the opposite issue as well. She looks like she got blown over by a breeze.

    Then again it could’ve been a seizure.

    1. i was thinking the same thing but… the camara man had the controle button hahahaha wizzzzz….etheth etheth etheth CHANAL NINE

  4. I was there! basically I turned around and saw the woman, I quite liked her so I gave her a wink, then her eyes went and she was down.

    1. Yup, she dropped stone-cold dead, right there, for no reason at all.

      For all the frequent posters, I’m being sarcastic. Please don’t bitch at mee :]

    2. Cutiko you said it wrong bitch… you say: “did she died?”, to show how completely ignorant you are!

  5. lol how dumb assholes tooootally fail to se when people are sarcastic, first things first Portugal actually is a kingdom with a king, they have something called monarchy, and they are neighbouring country with spain and they have something called rivalty. But you 15 year old haggerd fails, who are to dumb to recognize when people are being sarcastic┬┤, you all fail.

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