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    1. videoshop?… u means adobe after effects…whatever, thats real… Troy, u have not idea about informatic software… =)

    2. Actually, Japan Four, Photoshop can be used on a video. You import the video as a Quicktime. Photoshop then breaks the video apart frame by frame. You can go to the frame you want, make the changes, and export the video when you’re done. It’s amazing how people like you are quick to call others stupid fucks even when you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    1. it doesnt hurt. I’ve done it before atleast twice. All disoriented, throw a wild uppercut and happens.

  1. When your opponent isn’t challenging enough, just kick your own ass to level the score.

    On a side note, does that get recorded as a successful hit?

    1. i was wondering something similar…if you knock yourself out in a match, do you get the K.O. victory, or does your opponent?

  2. I wish the person who made this recording would have looped it a few more times. I mean, if I wanted to view it again, what would I do? They should invent a way to rewatch videos from the beginning… or even better, a way to rewind them! That’d be awesome.

  3. This boxer knows he’s so bad that he could kick himself, only kicking isn’t allowed in boxing, so he resorted to punching himself instead

  4. hey, does anybody know the name of the music on this video ???
    I thought it was Weedeater or a band like that but i’m not sure…

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