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  1. Alot of women do get pregnant from this and either they get an abortion for it or if its illegal in their state then the docs that deliver this THING kills it. the things some women do. this is why if a woman lives alone and she has a big dog, and is a lil to friendly with the dog and doggy be trying to mount her on the street… you know she fuckin it. Remember the days of going into the “wrong” chat rooms on yahoo and msn?

    1. Luffeh is right, there isn’t the right amount of chromosomes to actually go through with the actual pregnancy.

    2. Dyquen are you high? something has to be wrong with you there is not way you can be pregnant from dogs your like stupid or something god

    3. Dyquen = methed out crack head….really guy, cmon, you are either the most moronicly sto.Opid person on the planet, or this is a very nice troll; I personally think it’s the first.


  2. I think they meant “can I get pregnant from Snoop Dogg”.

    And yes, you can. Get pregnant from Snoop Dogg I mean. Not from Snoopy.

  3. Wow, I don’t know whether dog is more disconcerting or pull-out. Yes, there’s a name we have for people who use the pull-out method for birth control…parents. (My husband knows this one all too well, it’s how his ex tricked him into marrying her.) Keep it covered, kids!

  4. no u can’t get pregnat from a dog but i’m pretty sure u can get help from a therapist, u crazy people leave doggie’s alone.plenty of man.

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