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  1. What a stupid bitch. Haha im sure the person with the camera was trying to get a shot up that chicks skirt when they were crawling out. But failed.

  2. Am actually angry because of her being so stupid. I think the upside of this, is the social punishment she´ll have to suffer. I hope she get depressed and suicide.
    Btw ¡¡¡ E P I C W E D D I N G F A I L ¡¡¡ thats the worst think that could any one happen on your marriage day.

    1. Actually, the worst thing that could happen on your wedding day, is ending up married to an idiot like you.
      The people who setup that tent didn’t secure the center pole properly, which is why it fell so easily.
      I hope your entire bloodline commits suicide so you and your kind can’t contaminate the gene pool any further.

    2. Actually, I think the pillars were set up correctly, I just think they weren’t meant to handle the weight of a stupid cow.

    3. …and you need to stop being a dill-hole fredward.
      The internet is exactly the right place to be offensive and cunty.
      If you don’t like it….well…too bad if you don’t like it 🙂

    4. also fredward, i kan gist chng my naym an tiep liyk theez othr stoopids if yu dont liyk me 🙂

    1. How is this fake? Who would have a fake wedding and get all dress up just to make it look like the tent crashed and then post it on Epic fail??? DickAss shut the fuck up.

    2. It is fake the shots linger too long on certain points silly bitch on ground, woman looking shocked and it cuts away from showing any real damage apart from a bit of marquee hanging down. Don’t pick on poor DickAss he sounds sensative from his name.

    3. Fucking Asshole I hope this happens on your wedding day and when you bride is crying cover in blood people says its fake¡¡¡

    4. She’s not crying you can even see her smirking as she’s sitting down and why dosen’t the marquee move when the camera is being flashed around straight after the unattached pole gets pulled down. I may be retarded but I’m not blind.

    5. and that is not blood? so shes having a great time while the tent fall over all the invites? is that fake for you. You are not blind in deed you atention to stupi shit instead of having common sense.
      Your probably the retard son that the pole leaper breed whith her brohther´s and thats why you are complaigning about this. You are denfendin to you ass pole shoving retard fat mother¡¡¡¡

    6. It was more a case of choose a misspelled word than find one and there was a certain irony selecting stupid. Also if you’re going to include a little vile racism try to think it through, where I’m meant to have immigrated from and to is a mystery.

  3. I hope the bride slapper the bitch upside the head…there’s NO stripping poles at a wedding unless everyone there is a stripper…

  4. I hope they left that bitch in their man bodies everywhere that’s nuts what’s more fucked up is the bride got busted good.

  5. Drunk, no talent, ex-wannabe stripper with lack of common sense. cant dance and its funny how she thought a running leap at a pole not planted in the ground would be awesome and hold her tard ass up. Its funny to see her slowly realize her dumbass actions as the tent comes crashing down. LOL

  6. I wouldn’t say this is fake. But – That woman definitely is the kind that I loathe. As are these traditions. So I don’t really feel that bad for them, but I’m really not laughing at them either. That’s why you don’t let the girl who likes to ride poles away from your ceremonies. You could tell, she just couldn’t keep herself away from that pole. What a fucking harlot imbecile.

  7. I CANNOT STOP WATCHING THIS….this women go skip-to-a-loo to that pole…BAM! OMG…this is so funny. TO bad for the wedding party…I would be so done with her! But then again…if you going to invite your drunken family members…don’t be serving all that alcohol…LOL!

  8. Let this serve as a lesson to everyone. If you’re shooting video, HOLD THE FKING CAMERA STILL! He shifted the camera so quickly near the end that no detail could be observed.

    1. Are you kidding me? I fell from my chair from laugter when I saw that the bride got hurt 😀

      Seriously, people nowadays are a bunch of boring moralfags.

  9. It’s not fake…and the reason why the camera “lingered” on a few spots before shooting around back to the tent…
    Hello?? Did you not see the drunk bitch in red who knocked over the entire tent? Last I saw the camera-person was UNDER the same tent. The bride didn’t smirk, it was more than likely a twitch of PAIN after having an entire tent with glass and tables and poles falling around them.

    If someone did that at my wedding, I would have been super pissed. Glad my family has self-control.
    This is why you do not have an open bar at your wedding…

  10. This is like a Triple fail! 2-The woman dancing like that on a wedding (and so out of nothing0, 2-on that music..?, And 3-the pole.

  11. Even if this is fake, I’d never talk to that bitch again if I were the bridee. Poor girl got a nose bleed cuz the one drunk bitch at the party decided to try pole dancing.

  12. Props to the bride, she probably got smacked in the face with a pole or something, might have broken her nose. She wasn’t crying or throwing a fit or anything, brave showing on her part.

  13. Way to break the bride’s nose and single-handedly destroy the entire wedding lol legendary drunken idiot fail.

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