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    1. An other parenting fail. If you like your child you tell him that he suck and maybe get an other passion. But these paretns didn’t care so she made a complete idiot of herself.
      All i have to say is good job.

    2. I don’t give a fucking rats ass if she was a cancer patient and it was her last wish to sing the national anthem for a sporting event…if you suck at singing DON’T SING!

    3. If she has downs syndrome, why are any of you sniveling morons making fun of her???? What a bunch of heartless, thoughtless, wastes of flesh. You might consider that even with her syndrome she is better than any of you. You only say mean things because you feel bad about yourselves, and from the conduct seen here-rightfully so!

  1. This is what happens when everyone watches Idol shows…They all think they can sing.
    This was so painful I’m puncturing my eardrums with my pen right now…

    1. U R sooo right….the only two ppl I heard pulling off a improvized anthem was Hendrix and Marvin Gaye. All others who can’t sing it right-let alone sing-need to get the fukk away from the mic.

    1. I myself don’t like him,but I would fill a tube sock up with my sh!t and smack him with it…Daniel Go Fuck Yourself!

    2. What the fuck, dude…. This douchebag made an impression quicker than I think I’ve ever seen. But yeah. Daniel. You’re reading this. Stop posting.

    3. I am not perfect, I’m not the best person in the world, not even the nicest. but I do forgive you. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me as well. after all, we are one race as humans.

      but seriously… not everyone is a good singer, just get over it. its these differences that makes our world so great. life is to valuable to criticize and attack people.

    4. OMG not this guy again…the one time, ONE TIME there is a fail that he belongs posting about, he already has a rep…fucking hell

    5. this dude really doesn’t need to comment on anything about philosophical stuff, cuz this is a really unclean, unholy website, so if he leaves another comment with his clean, holy words, i will literally shank his ass, and THEN anally rape him with the chainsaw. Get it, you fuck? Yes, I’m talking to you, Daniel.

    1. It is amarching band competition and this is the award ceremony… the people cheer because they’re cheering for their schools, I know I’ve competed in the same competition before, this is in Pleasanton, CA.

    1. I love how people say “listen carefully” or “watch carefully” for things that are painfully obvious.

  2. Please America, let’s take Francis Scott Key’s beautiful poem and set it to decent music–innocent ears shouldn’t be tortured!

  3. Everybody: the National Anthem should be sung SIMPLY, and straight forward–no runs, no Broadway. It should take about 1/4 of the time that this crazy chick took to “sing” it. And take a pitch pipe to start on the right note so you don’t run out of range. If she had sung it simply, even missing notes, it wouldn’t be the disaster that this was.

    1. i agree completely she tried to jazz it up with the voice growl thing and just made it worse… if thats possible

  4. Ive heard worse renditions of the national anthem but this damn bitch takes the cake with her combinations of pitch, tone, fluctations, length etc. Ive never heard someone sing this tarded before. congratualations

  5. I have to agree with Youth In Asia and Loyd. If the dingbat hadnt been so caught up in singing it like the American Idol trash and had just sung it simply it might not have been so bad. Sadly they clapped for her. Why encourage the poor deluded fool?

  6. My Girlfriend heard this and commented… ” Aw did momma tell her she could sing”… if not her momma then some tone deaf or just plain deaf jackass told her she could. i think my ears bled.

    1. wow jack, do you really want to claim taking the plung into the musty swamp of hair and azz sweat that inhabits Daniel’s mom’s crotch? I just threw up a little.

  7. hats what happens when no one wants to get others’ feelings hurt-
    they wail like a starving walrus and everyone tells them they’re awesome, just not to hurt their feelings.
    and after that you get idiots thinking they’re awesome on american idol. or even worse singing the anthem.

  8. at least all of us have ears to hear with, no matter WHAT we’re hearing sounds like.

    but i agree. something should be done about that poor girl 0.o

  9. I’m kinda tone deaf, so ya know what… I DON’T SING! 😉 neither should she,he,it. An embarrassment to me and this Country. At the same time…if she tried her hardest and thought she sounded good, and no one told her she sucked(nicely) the people who let her sing, they are the true terrorists. But that’s just me.

  10. I had a headache when i started watching this, and it didnt help. Damn that was the most horribly out of key National Anthem i have ever heard.

  11. someone has to tell that girl she cant sing….. she thinks she’s christina agulara

    my god what is the worls coming to.

    i blame american society…. the place is fucked up

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    1. ^^^^this is apparently what happens when you play beerpong til 6am and then try to leave comments on epicfail before passing out…oops!


  13. wow i hope this slut gets a fuckin stake threw the face. i dont give a fuck if she is downsyndrome or not, i hope she gets fuckin clapped.

  14. 1. If she has a Down syndrome, this is indication that political correctness actually IS political retardeness (like we didn’t knew that).
    2. If she’s not sick:
    2.a sue her for torturing audience
    2.b execute her for blasphemy
    2.c execute her for treason
    2.d combine a, b and c

  15. We criticize and attack people because we need to weed out the idiots so they can fuck off for good…unfortunately in the good ‘ol U S of A there are far too many idiots so you have idiots trying to weed out idiots and all you get are the people you see on this thread who can’t even spell. I hope you all choak =)!

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