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    1. Again Happy Camper, WIN! I swear this is the 3rd pic u’ve commented on that made my sides hurt cuz of ur comment! LMBO

  1. Confusing …………… Right ‘okey day’ (quote fron starwars episode 1 Jar Jar Binks.) golf voy amazong film…..!!!!!!!!

  2. Cop: “I said freeze!” *thrusts hand out*
    Retard-in-Helmet: “Snozberries!” *thrusts hand out*
    Cop’s Nose: “RAPE, RAPE!” *wheeze*

  3. holy shit , THATS HOW THEY ARE SO SMART THEY CAN MINGLE WITH THEIR BRAINS , america just got fucked in thee ass

  4. Officer Lao displays the deadliest of form of pugilism techniques, “NoseFu” rarely practiced today, this man’s arm had to be reattached directly after the confrontation, and completely sterilized because of the deadly SNOT venom the officer used to subdue the assailant!

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