Husband Fail


Net Fail



Submitted by Jack W.

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  1. LMAO! 12 guys watching eachother all jerk off together? You dont have to touch each other to be gay. Just jerking off in the same room as another guy and watching him do it. You are gay for life misster.

    1. I don’t care if he can’t read that. Also I noticed my mistake even last year when I made it. But unfortunately this website doesn’t allow us to make grammar corrections.

  2. I’ll never forget the time I went over to this guy’s house for the first time. We were in Jr. High and his mom was gone for the day. Much like this guy’s childhood this kid whom I had just met, we’ll call him Joel, pulls out a porno. There was about 7 of us young’uns there, and the excitement in the room was epic. When the movie started we all began cheering and high fiving (fist bumping had not yet been invented) The excitement in the room caused his dog to become hyper, but we didn’t care. We just kept cheering. Then the dog started spinning around in the middle of the living room. We all thought this to be very amusing, that is until the dog began to simultaneously spin and shit. Crap came flying out of this dog’s ass in every direction. After 20 seconds every kid in the room was covered in dog shit to some degree. The stunned silence lasted approximately ten more seconds, and then we erupted with laughter. Of course we then realized we were covered in dog shit. Oh man, good times….we didn’t whip out our junk and masterbate though, that’s just gay.

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