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    1. Ok, I didn’t read any of it… but I already know he’s gay, listen to your wife & don’t fight the 😉 (maybe I’ll read this later)

  1. This goes along the same lines of someone being obsessed with porn and finds his wife “can’t live up to pornography standards”. He should really seek help, but I guess he’s happy with this then he’s going to continue to do this.

  2. Hmmm…so he spanks it at the “occassional sleepover” with a group of dudes and it makes him “love his wife more”…sounds like a website waiting to happen. o.O

    1. A bunch of guys jacking off in the same room is gay to you, hm? If you put a lady in the center of that happy, little circle would that still be gay?

  3. thats the bottom line… this is so messed up but here IN THIS COUNTRY… we have a pursuit of happiness. so stfu and just let it be, oh let it be… speaking words of wisdom, let it be.

    I personally dont agree with gay people but still, intolerance only leads to more interolerance and decay of the human race as a whole. we are men, we are neighbors, we are brothers.

    1. Pursuit of happiness huh? That’s what it has become? You know what else this country offers? The right to shut your fucking ass up, noob.

    2. Daniel… iv been reading some of your comments and im hopeing this is just a sarcastic joke you like to play online to succesfuly piss people off…if so i find your alter ego quit ammusing and annoyingly funny…but on the uther hand… this could may well be your actule personality wich is quit worrying and obtuse as this is a site for ridicule at other peoples expence…therefore i have no other option than to adress the fact that you are a major cunt and you should stfu

    3. Militarymind85, You would think that someone on these forums as much as you would have picked up on some proper spelling techniques but you still torture us with your shitty spelling and grammar. Reading what you write gives me a migraine and a dizzy spell at the same time, great job militarymind85 you once again killed my braincells. Oh btw Daniel….please go drink toilet cleaner…one less shit stain out of this world

    4. Dear Daniel, do us a favor and put an end to your pathetic life you worthless piece of shit…Thanks !

    5. Dans only purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others and makes me want to kill fetuses and i’m extremely pro-life

  4. Is it weird that im 19 and all i need to do is to think about a girl sexing me and i can masturbate with no problem, and yet this 30-something dude, who has a wife, gets off by pretending he is a kid and wacking it with 11 other dudes in the room…nah, it must be me

    1. i dont think its weird that your 19….i do agree with you tho and im sertanly not sticking up for this fag… but in the morning i think about women and in the afternoon i think about men naaahahaha im joking… i do like a porno now and again but that is strcktly meee time and maby with a girl if im lucky enough to spike ones drink and she likes watching that shit te he he thell never know

    2. oh lovely..first militaryminded85 annoys everyone with his terrible views and atrocious spelling, but now he is going
      to tell us about what he thinks of when he gets off. Oh well, at least he admitted he thinks about men in the afternoon. I guess you’re the real fag.

  5. Is this story for real?, how can adults role-play that they are being 11 years old, and then sit in a room and jack off together. Even getting an hard on would be hard for me when six other guys sitting in the same room watching you and grunting. Poor wife though – i wish i could see here face when she walked in on him/them.

  6. For a second I wantede to say “this guy isn’t gay” But once he said that they drop their PJ’s and jerk off in front of each other we’ve got a problem. Then he says they point to each other’s members and shout as they come. Ok if you are a guy and you look at penis’s and jerk off and come while looking at penises then you are Gay! That would be the definition, cocks make him hard he jerks off to the sight of cocks and he comes at the sight of cocks. That’s Gay and all his friends are gay. It is indeed a gay sex orgie as his “wife” calls them. He’s one more party short of bending over his friend and boning him. The wife should dump this loser for a guy who wants her not a room full of hard cocks.

    1. Men watch other men get off in pornos. They have close ups of when they come.
      By this logic, all men who watch porn are gay for getting off to seeing another man get off in any way.

  7. Ok, seriously, people are retarded. Being gay means you are *attracted* to the same sex. That is totally separate from why happens to be in the room when you’re thinking sexual thoughts about women. Gay-panic comments fail.

    1. He just likes masturbating with eleven other guys and commenting on their penises as they do so. Gotcha.

    2. I don’t get it.
      How is it gay to get off to straight porn?

      Some men even look for porn starring the guy with the biggest cock. Why? Men secretly like seeing big cocks, apparently.

    1. he’s dead so that would make him a gay necropheliac
      i know i’m approximately 7 months late for this comment

  8. And the Fail award goes to….the lovely marriage that these 2 share… O wait how did she manage to marry a closet fag? That my dear friends the world may never know

  9. You don’t “agree with gay people”? What the fuck does that even mean? What is there to “agree” with? You either want to have sex with men OR you want to have sex with women —- there is NOTHING to agree with.

  10. Anyway…. This man is gay. Because, his wife isn’t enough. He only wants to have sex with her, because he now has an outlet of his male masturbation parties. That he goes to with other closeted gay men. Yes, he loves his wife, but the problem is, he doesn’t want to have sex with her. He just wants to live with her an “play” house. That’s not a marriage.

  11. I don’t really see anything homosexual about this. He didn’t do anything gay from what I read while skimming at the story. He masturbates to porn and he enjoys sex with his wife. What’s homosexual about that? Sure he masturbates with other guys, which sounds weird and homosexual, but it really isn’t. Not taking his side by the way. Just stating my opinion.

  12. Doesn’t matter if he’s gay or not…what he did to her in general is fucked up. You don’t go behind your wife’s back and act out sexual fantasies. You’re supposed to share your fantasies with your spouse.

  13. when I was a kid I played conker’s bad fur day, and the first time I played it, it was SO FUN! I wanted to have that experience again, but when I bought it, it just felt like playing any ordinary game. I get what this guy is saying… either that’s REALLY GAY or BISEXUAL or SEXUALY CONFUSED, OR he’s the greatest child role-playing sexual predator in the WORLD! other than the other guys with em. And plus u can never reason with women, I tried telling my gf why I couldn’t come over (I was in a different state 16 hours from my home state, driving time) and she could NOT UNDERSTAND lol swear to god

  14. sorry people that is not gay. gay means being sexually attracted to other members of the same sex. look it up dumbasses. yes the guy has a wierd fettish but it doesnt mean he is gay.

    1. THANK YOU! man i felt so bad for this guy – one little fetish admission and everyone is hounding this guy – this guy (and his role playing group) could only be gay if they were all doing this to dude-on-dude-only porn, which they clearly aren’t

  15. let’s see….standing in the living room with 11 other men jacking off…..yeah….gay
    I don’t care what’s on the tv….that’s just gay
    gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay and just plain weird on top of that

  16. First of all, we didn’t need to hear this guy’s whole life story.
    Secondly, a bunch of guys watching each other jack off sounds pretty gay to me.

  17. Uh…I think if these guys keep this up it’s just a matter of time before they start rubbin’ dickheads together. I guess there may be a difference between gay and queer, but whatever, I’d say these dudes are pretty fucked up.

  18. if the only way men now a days r able to become aroused is by pretending they are 11 (gross) and jackin it with a bunch of there stupid gross friends. (vomit)ladys what is the point? we actually persue these gross pigs? i think i am bout 2 steps closer to becoming
    a lez. just sayin…

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