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    1. The only thing I can think is that he’s either really young, retarded, or both. There are plenty of fails that “So what’s the fail here” would be funny for, but this isn’t one of them. Kids and retards have a tendency to misunderstand humor. Or, he actually doesn’t see what’s going on. That pretty hones squarely in on retard.
      Anyway, I’m 50/50, I haven’t figured this little shit out yet.

  1. Damnit bub, this is the third time this week I’ve bailed your friendly neighborhood ass out of jail! Next time, I’m going to put these claws where the son don’t shine.

    1. “Where the son doesn’t shine”. Howlett, you fail. Didn’t you leanr anything being in a school for years? I don’t know what did I do wrong …

  2. He’s probably protesting for fathers for justice. The’re a group of fathers who feel let down by a justice system that favors women. They aren’t allowed to see their kids, and to protest that, they climb building dressed like superheros.

    1. Lest we forget, Obama is a superhero too. Remember the comics? Still waitin’ to see some of that “change” he promised lol…

  3. I think this is one of those fathers that are kept away from seeing their children, they dress up like super heroes and they alway climb up shit where they are not allowed…that`s when they get arrested. I heard they are treated well cause they still do good things for their cities.

  4. I wonder how many high school drop outs they are, that try an leave a smart ass comment to make up for there own mistakes or failed attemps :{?

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