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    1. I think people are forgetting what ‘FAIL’ means. She messed up. Whether or she got up or didn’t die, it’s still a fail.

    2. FAIL – verb (used without object) to fall short of success or achievement in something expected, attempted, desired, or approved: I Know what fail means If she fell on her ass and just sat there it would be a fail. but the sec her ass planted a kiss on the floor she got up and picked up where she left off !!! so no it’s not a fail

    3. jose,doesn’t work he is most likely a mexican,and most mexicans are fat and lazy,therefore he just trolls on-line all day eating beans & rice.

    4. to You Fail : yeah i do have something better to do…..
      and to eric : No I’m Not a Mexican, I’m European. And your stereotype of mexicans is just dim witted… get your head out of your ass !

    5. Wow, Eric, really ? Stereotyping Mexicans … you’re American, right ? You’re the ones who are fat and lazy. Have you looked around lately ?That’s a FAIL. And, agreeing Jose. She picked up right where she fell and is not a fail.

    1. Yep but dude let me hear you make a joke, any joke, just to prove to us you have a funny bone. and can see the humor in things. Please. (no “knock knock jokes” do not qualify)

    2. there is nothing wrong with peace and love. I’m not saying dont laugh and dont enjoy life, just dont laugh at the misfortunes of others, you wouldn’t like it either

  1. I’m not a J-Lo fan (well, I’m a fan of her ass, but that’s it) – but this is definitely an Epic WIN.
    She bounced back from that slip with the little leg-split thing so quick, it almost came off looking like it was some sort of dance move she did on purpose. Cat-like reflexes, ME-Rowrrr…

  2. Dats a win 4 me…she made it look better than it was probably ment to look…. let me see you bounce on ya ass and spring back up like datt,,, lol…x

  3. At least she got out of it fast, live ain’t easy shit. Good job I say ;p still a fail, sorry Lopez you ain’t getting away >;3

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