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  1. Well, I can’t really blame the guy. Sometimes it just feels right to do it outside after all that beer. Too bad it was awful timing.

    1. james, your mom just called me and wants me to come over and abort you. Can you meet me there in about an hour?
      She’s sorry she waited this long, but better late then never ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. hey Asia..i can’t understand you :D…i just read “me lave u longgg time GI, me sucky sucky… faive dollah!” xD

    3. You already used that line james. Try to be more original in your rebuttals please.
      I may be a nasty, offensive, cunt, but at least I try to be original!

    1. Will you shut up? Who cares if they have red hair (though they are still ugly)? That’s the kind of attitude that resulted in the attack of the kid at a school. You fail, James. You f**king fail.

    2. “Thatโ€™s the kind of attitude that resulted in the attack of the kid at a school” what attack???? on the lattest south park episode?:)

    3. Check CNN. Another kid was attacked for “Kick a Ginger day”.
      Too bad they don’t have “Kick an uneducated redneck moron named james day”.
      Congratulations james, you are now my new target for hate and loathing on this site.

    1. james, still waiting for you. Stop your horrible mangling of the English language and get over here!
      I’ve got a coat hanger all ready for you ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. no no, they noticed, that’s why they’re smiling as if their oblivious to what is happening behind them. God, do you read your text?!

  2. LOL I originally thought they were talking about the potential trouser snake spotted in the brown pants. Missed the urine stream due to the censorship.

  3. haha! he looks mid conversation with someone? looks like a festival or something….thats defo rockin with you c0ck out! haha

  4. ok yeah hes peeing…but has anybody wondered why hes peeing in the MIDDLE OF A CROWD!!! did anybody notice at the time?!?! yup…hes probably drunk…

  5. This is a HUGE Fail… noone uses coozies anymore!!! and why the fuck is he dressed like Willy Wanka and Gilligan had a kid?

  6. Yarg ye spotted me dead mate “Jimmy Thhe Intoxicated ass Hole” He was a retard. And i’m glad he died.

  7. Apparentely it’s called a trifecta, when leaving to go to the toilet loses your spot, three people stand in a triangle such as that and wazz away. My mate was just at Oktoberfest and said he was tought that

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