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    1. Proving your gay yet again aren’t you? Before you start up with “NO your gay” yes, I’m lesbian.

    2. Why would you write out a prescription with your dick? Your dick can’t even hold a pen. Are you planning to use your urine as ink or something?

    3. wouldn’t a “hot beef injection” come from a cow since its beef? You might mean to say “hot human injection”?

    4. Daniel’s one attempt at being “bad ass” is a miserable fail. Did capitalizing your dick make it more important? Cause it didn’t make it any bigger.

      Happy Camper, your comments are freaking great so I got your back on this one.

    5. @Marc: Ha! *Zing*

      If he would have just put “from my DICK” instead of “with my DICK…” So close, yet so far.

  1. Well, the trick learning process inevitably involves some fails; you don’t know the limits until you exceed them. The best you can hope for is to go get a cold drink, check if any repairs are necessary, then go back and try again, applying what you’ve learned.

    Good luck, and thanks for the show!

  2. He sees the fail fast approaching, no time to scrape out of this one. be one with mother earth my son, embrace her, let her be your pillow… for you will meet you maker soon enough.

  3. I like how the woman is casually watching from her garage at what’s about to unfold. The thoughts of calling an ambulance are probably just beginning to formulate in her mind at that very moment

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