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  1. Y’know I never did get an answer to that question. My computer just froze & I had to reboot. And of course, now it’s posted here as a joke. wtf?!? Google sucks. lol 😉

    1. along with crack addiction, slurred speech (ebonics), and laziness. however it is not a problem seeing as how black people loath water…. I’m racking my brain for any more stereotypes, maybe I’ll come back next week.

    2. I am sure you are one of those nasty white men that likes to rape woman and little boys…. oh funny isn’t it?!!!

  2. kkkiller and taliban man both failed for even trying to be racists and that foreign language underneath google logo failed for being ugly to pronounce!

  3. I followed the link also heartbreak…my favortite post on there was “this is a trick question…blacks cant swim anyways” rofl

    1. ohh ha ha.. even though that did make me smirk a lil.. we’re just not dumb enough to get in the water, would still kick your ass at sprinting anyday

    2. Well, that’s a nice reward for having all those years of slavery under your belt then, ey?
      I’d just kick your ass any day….

  4. Can a jew die silently? Can a “cockasian” woman tell the truth if she is sober? Are there any anglos in heaven?…3 resilient nos

  5. that is the dumst question i have read .. well one of the dumest theres some pretty dumb question but wow .. no you CAN NOT get aids from swimming with black peole.

  6. this is not funny at all you are an epic fail for even asking such a racist question like that. i bet your the kind person who can’t stand it when MTV plays rap videos. oh but you mad well get over your self. “Black People” are advancing in every way possible. your best bet would be to sit there and chew your tabacco have a beer and accept that the STD’s that are “floating” around were forced onto black women during slavery. think of it like this your great great great grandfather raped an innocent “black” woman with his diseased dick and gave her the disease. thats how “black people” got aids.
    ~ ~
    $ $

    1. Peanut Butter and A?C, thats your gift? Come the fuck on. When the majority of the black population gives up being” gangsta” and conforms to the reset of society, we will treat you equally. Till then, stfu!

    2. Angry black much? Oh and the STDs that are so prevalent within the Black community are due to promiscuity within their own community.

  7. Ur moms a whore and she U were born through her asswhole so Dont be so angry at the world u Peace of SHITTT!!!!!! xD

  8. No, but if you swim in a pool with foreigners you will catch a serious case of egotism. Seems to be highly contagious over-seas.

  9. This person was joking right? They do know that not all black people have aids right? cause if not they need to go back to where ever the hell they came from and stay there.

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