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    1. no, you see the black guy wanted some pre-detonation sex from the white guy, it’s apparently a common practise among rednecks, it’s “their” foreplay. 😉

    1. Agreed. Grenade – WIN, Guy in black pants – FAIL for not letting the grenade erase that idiot’s genetic seed permanently.

    1. as it’s so often said while playing Modern Warfare online: “Fuck you and you’re damned MartyrDUMB!”

    1. Regardless, I think they should have let him think it was a cell phone. They should have told him it was ringing and that he should answer it.

      *BOOM* Headshot.

    1. Dunno, that was weird… I thought the spoons on those things were spring-loaded, couldn’t be that loud when it disengages, could it?

    2. I’ve got no experience first-hand with live grenades (only defused ones), so I’ll defer to your experience dude!
      Maybe there was someone out-of-frame firing a gun? That’s all I could think of to explain it…

  1. the spoon is only suposed to make a ching sound.. iv never used live grenades i was never in the army that long thank god lol like you say its probly a gun in the background going off the same time

  2. It could have been one of his buddies trying pull a fast one on him with a pistol…
    Like on Independence day yelling “BOOM!” behind someone trying to light off a short-fused firecracker or something.

    Not the smartest idea in this instance if that’s the case.

  3. I think the camera man is responsible for the first bang, due to the gernade operator bitchin him out afterward. my question is,”where can i pick up a live gernade so i can be cool and pull the pin with my teeth too?!?!?!”

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