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    1. Awesome comment james. Your intelligent quips never cease to impress me and have forced me to elevate the intellectual level of my responses.
      I strive to author complex and thought provoking comments like yours. Maybe if I work dilligently, I can one day worship at your feet and praise your prose.

    2. James’ original comment was retarded, to be sure. But his second was worthy of a chuckle. Not to encourage the lad, but have to give credit where it’s due.

  1. how come the glass went the opposite direction of the impact??? my prediction was that the broken glass would be on the outside of the door not on the inside since that’s the direction of the impact???

    1. Actually, I was wondering the same thing. Unless the impact was so terrible that the glass imploded upon his skull the idea of all the glass on the inside makes me wonder…

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