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    1. I’ve been smoking pot almost daily for the last 15-20 years, and I’m far from crazy.
      No effect on my intelligence either, I still know Daniel is gay.
      In fact, Daniel is so gay, he sucks dick for bus fare, then walks home 🙂

    2. Daniel don’t roofie yourself at a gay bar, make them work for it. Silly homo, dicks are for chicks.

    3. Youth In Asia, you could ressurect George Bush (With witchcraft, oooh) And he would still know Daniel is gay.

      And Daniel. I dont like you. Im stoned atm, and you know what?
      I dont feel crazy. I just want to eat you alive. <.<

    4. DANIEL: There is no evidence that pot alone (or with hash oil) causes people to go crazy. Pot is a “gateway drug”. The craziest I’ve ever been on pot was making 2 boxes of mac n cheese for myself and making love to my ex n forgot about the food. I dare you to google “effects of cocaine” and “effects of marijuana”…that’s if you can find Google.

    5. this Youth in Asia is totally pissed off with Daniel LOOOOL i bet Daniel fucked Asia’s Girl so hard lol:P

    6. drugs is synomous with trouble and destruction
      why put yourself through all that damage and pain for a temporary relief
      lifes to much fun and challenging to just go the easy way out guys start bettering yourself

    7. every piece of music/literature/film you enjoy was probobly inspired by weed. tell a cancer patient to give up that “temporary relief” you whinny faggot

    8. Actually Daniel, people have been using drugs since the beginning of time for medicinal, recreational, and spiritual reasons, and our society has evolved just fine.
      Marijuana didn’t get it’s bad reputation until the American war on drugs demonized pot. The frickin’ constitution of the USA was written on hemp, derived from marijuana plants…
      While there will always be people who abuse drugs, there are far more people who abuse alcohol, and it’s still legal, even though it kills hundreds of thousands of people worldwide every year.
      Do some Googling and try and see how many deaths worldwide have been directly linked to smoking pot…

    9. and if ur actually gonna go check how many death World Wide occur u are even more stupid than Taliban Man for his stupid name.

      P.S. the US constitution was not written on hemp that’s a big misconception Youth in Asia. but i do agree w/ the rest.

    1. I dunno, nothing here is screaming “Photoshop”…
      His hand position, her line of sight, all look okay to me.
      I’ve smoked joints that big before, and the burn pattern looks normal too. Note the resin build-up on the bottom of the joint as it burns and the oil seeps downward.

    2. Well, look at the angle, possibly eating a hotdog his kid looks like her hand has ketchup on it like they were sharing the food. I don’t think people would allow that in an open place. Someone would object.

    3. his mouth is even in the position where he is taking a toke and not a bite of a hotdog. I had one that big on 4 20 but we had to hold it with two hands

    4. I don’t know…doesn’t really look shopped to me. The only thing that seems weird to me is the way he is holding that thing. Then again, I don’t know that much about drugs so I can’t really say.

    5. I agree the joint is going into his upper lip not his mouth. He clearly was eating a hot dog. Still funny though, cause they are at Bonnaroo (a hippy fest full of pot smoke)

    1. Totally a WIN in my book too! Looking at this pic makes my mouth water!
      All of a sudden I’m craving some 7-11 nachos with cheese and chili…maybe some Taco Bell!

    2. dude, that joint is SO big it gave you munchies through the computer screen!!! it reminds me of the dubbies cheech and chong rolled up, you know the ones he had to follow his dog around for cuase the dog ate his stash!!! hahahaha

  1. I’d be afraid for his daughter with the munchies that would give him! And his daughter is like “Hurry up, let me hit it!” lol

  2. They’ve shopped in a giant spliff where it was a giant corn dog or something similar. Look at his mouth, that isn’t a drawing face, it’s an eating face! =)

    1. It isn’t photo’d look at the showing of the cheeks he is taking a nice inhale of some sweet grass

  3. You know, I really don’t care if idiots want to blaze up, but not around children. If this is real, he belongs in prison and his kid belongs in a better home.

  4. Go ahead,smoke your weed. Not out with your kid. My daughter is 2 and loves music, I would love to bring her to a reggae show. I’ll save the blunts for the kids.

  5. this is not a shopped photo, they are obviously at a reggae festival…look at the hairstyles, the clothing, the reggae flag belt..the amount of people..the time of day..its a festival like bob marley fest in miami every year..i go every single year and that is an average sized group rolled joint..see them every year..and its not a parenting fail…LEGALIZE THIS WONDERFUL PLANT ALREADY…

  6. weed is only illegal bc white dudes were scared there wives were gonna get high and screw jazz musicians ……… who were black men …….. oooh another racist thing

  7. It wouldn’t be so bad if the kid wasn’t so close to the smoke, best for the child to avoid second hand smoke.

  8. can’t the guy role proper joints?? this thing will probably just burn like a torch and waste a lot of weed… role abilities fail…
    and parenting fail, yeah…

  9. Wow you all fail!!! you so couldn’t take your eyes off the joint long enough to see the kid on his shoulders!! I loved joint but NOT for a 3 year kid to be breathing in.

  10. This is horrible, the kid WILL get high in this case, and while dad is stoned some asshole can get her, rape her and kill her.

    Damn fucking asshole dad, hope he dies a cruel death including a big black guy and a giant cactus.

  11. There’s nothing wrong with this. I’d go as far as to call it a win instead. I’ve been smoking pot & hasjis while there was kids around many times (not inside), and as NocimGocim say here; a stoned parent is a good parent 🙂

  12. Yeah, that’s shopped. For one, there’s no smoke. And secondly, if you look closer, the j is somehow over his top lip. By the way, I don’t think it’s a raggae concert. Dude in front of him is wearing a cowboy hat.

  13. At first glance, I thought the little girl took a huge shit on her father’s back because of the design on his shirt.

    Then, after closer observation, I realized her dad is just puffing a giant doobie.

  14. If you would like introspective from someone actually at this show, it IS a joint, he IS a wonderful father, it IS NOT a reggae festival. Second hand smoke DOES NOT cause any of the THC oils to become absorbed into the body, the only thing breathed out is carcinogens and in which case i guess you can be upset he is “smoking” around his daughter. If anything you should take pictures of assholes who drive in the car smoking cigarettes with their kids in the back. It is funny how ignorant people are when they spend their day trolling around on epic fail

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