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    1. That’s the most welfare-looking see-saw ever! I’m surprised it didn’t break in half!
      Did they make it that small to be portable? lol

    2. Youth in Asia, Daniel will suck any dick regardless of species. Fuck, I bet he tongues manhole just for the taste.

    3. james I do not condone your response. dude the whole point of what I do here is to forgive and advance ourselves… if you retailate, it only creates an on going conflict and its essentially pointless

    4. i’m on your side daniel! Youth in Asia is 14 and he really got trouble the last time he tried to get laid. i heard this crap some months ago on our school. some chick wanted to give him a bj and the poor guy didn’t have “strengh on his stick” lol

    5. still james. you cant fight cruelty with cruelty, nor can you fight meanness with meanness. you have to be the better man and learn how to overcome these odds. dude its obviously not going to be easy to show the world that people need to be nice and people will get on your nerves but if you end up insulting people whats the point

    6. James and Daniel, toolbags of the site cradling each other’s balls and getting along. Unlike you two, I’ve added some rather great content to this site, both in comments and submissions. So you really wanna fight?

    7. you see racna 1305, daniel is not actually his parents child. That kid died at the hospital, his parents decied to put the after birth in a jar and it eventually grew int daniel.

  1. How are you that retardedly uncoordinated that you flip off a seesaw and faceplant the bar while wrenching your spine in new and different twisted ways? And then land right in your buddy’s lap.

    1. acually, after further review, i submit this man is a gay gymnist looking to get a piece!!! notice the style and grace as he plants is ASSHOLE perfectly on his friends face… this was no accident, it was rape!

  2. So is that a soldier helping two man on a see-saw? You dont see that every day. And as Mr Puke said, that tune will stay with me for quite a while

    1. He may have few days of, or he is not actually a soldier, many private security companies had camo suits, therefore to avoid confusion they are now banned for them.
      Hunters and fishermen also love camo. But this one definitely is of military pattern. I think Russian prison guards and border guards (saw that recently on checkpoint) also use military ones.

  3. woooow he didnt even had the chance of using their hands.
    I was watching the video and I tought “I hope nothing happens to that kid”.

  4. Fuck I thought that kid was gonna get her fingers stuck in the gears… gaah I was cringing the whole time… thankfully just the dumbass fell off the seesaw

  5. this gut got either

    A: owned trying to barrel roll
    B: didnt hold on tight enough
    C: was a communist
    or D: he got pwned by a headshot

    Awnser: A

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