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    1. How do you people know it was a kid who found and wrote that? The letters were obviously done in Microsoft Paint. That writing was not on the actual coloring page.

    2. Poor Taliban, why must you vent your daily frustrations out on the internet? Don’t worry, I’m sure in some planet far away, Islam is their only religion.

    3. im not islam i live in Washington state and i don’t have an AK47 or an RPG do you think the taliban HAVE computers anyway?

    4. dante the person wrote that to point out the fail, and you can tell that it was not done on paint because the writing would all be the same color, so he wrote it on the book

    5. Yea I know they wrote that to point out the fail. But I’m saying they found the pic online, or took it themselves, and then wrote the letters on the computer. It looks like they wrote it on the book first in green, then noticed it didn’t show up after they took the pic, so they rewrote it darker on the computer before they submitted it.

    6. @Dante you fail at life, if you can’t tell it was obviously written because there are blue smears around it. Go fail at life some more! Jeez -.-“

    7. who gives a shit if it wasn’t written by a kid, a fucking bisexual stripper on crack could have written it! its still fuckin funny. faggit.

    8. Dante why dont you just shut up and go away. cant you see NO ONE likes you? bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. stupid british ppl with thier unneccessary “U” in color… why don’t they learn how to speak and spell PROPER English? jk

    1. i appologize dreamweaver, i have not figured out a way to express sarcasm through text. unfortunately the “JK” i added at the end of my comment doesn’t have the same affect. i’ll try and stick to being a sarcastic prick in person as that seems to be more effective 😉

    2. it’s always impossible to be sarcastic online. even the jk hardly justifies it. i get that you meant it as a joke now though 😛
      forgive me? D: i feel like the ignorant douche now 😛 😛

    3. no, don’t feel like a douche, i laughed like crazy that you called me out!! it was awesome!! you’re alright in my book 😉

    4. WOW, two people settling an argument nicely on the internet. That’s the first time I’ve seen that, if only more people were like you…

    5. Sir laughs alot—-> do you want a girl’s fist in your mouth? i think so
      And dreamweaver—–> you’re my hero 😀

  2. Nice call for the kid. However, it’s pretty ironic that he/she chose to color the bear/mountain lion right below the zebra red.

  3. Yes! Finally, a kid who is smart enough (and smart-assed enough) to make me feel okay about the next generation taking care of me in the nursing home. I hope that kid is in charge of giving me my meds, we’d have a hilarious time.

  4. This is actually a fail on the dumbass who wanted to make a coloring book with zebras in it, i mean seriously, how are you supposed to color a zebra!?!?!?!!!?!?

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