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    1. This moron, “blah blah american house.. blah blah crap.. blah”, dude it’s a fucking crane. If a crane came crashing down on your house the same thing would happen you moron.

  1. When you’re sitting down to breakfast in your kitchen, nothing says “good morning” like a 50 ton crane crashing through the roof and crushing your bacon and eggs

    1. No, this happened in Charlotte NC. I saw it on here and then later that night it was on the local news.

  2. ugh.. and i told my son “DON’T PUSH THAT BUTTON!!” and he did it anyway. i am so screwed. luckily i found the want ads in the wreckage

  3. hey how did tht one guy know it was in sNTA ROSA. i saw it in the newspaper and i laughrd so hard. im surprised to see it here

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