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  1. I think the only one that is really a fail is about Indians smelling. The other ones are legitimate and common questions related to medical conditions.

    1. Why did I have a feeling someone was going to mention that? lol No not that, but farting so much COULD lead to you having no friends lol.

    1. haha, that’s crazy, look at my second comment I wrote, we had the submitted them at the same time, guess we were thinking the same thing.

  2. i lol at most things on here… but to lol at someone with no friends is realy bad…some people think becouse you dress a sertan way or you haven’t alott of monney to be cool or your not as fortunat as others to have good looks are considerd loosers…iv been a total dick in the past with ufortunate people…and it took me to hit rock bottem haveing nothing to relize what a looser i am and have been…if there is a god..i hope he can forgive my soul sorry to anyone iv picked on and i forgiv anyone that bullyed me… i diserved it

    1. Dude, you are the WORST fucking speller EVER. Your spelling is the biggest FAIL on this website. I bet you farted with discharge on an Indian with green poop so now you have no friends.

    2. I think you misunderstand the purpose of – This isn’t a site where you come to confess about how big of an epic fail your life has been… Try maybe?

      But since you’re already here… I’m going to have to go out on a limb and say that you “hitting rock bottom” has less to do with you having been a bully, and more to do with the fact that four year olds can type a more coherent and correctly spelled paragraph.

    3. ↑ I forgot to log-in before I posted that – looks like the moderators kept it from double-posting at least (but under the wrong name).

  3. do you all realize that these “results” are just what the user typed into google previously? a little bit of paint or photoshop and you erase the “remove” portion of the search…

  4. Indians smell ?? wow and you guys think thats so funny ??? Fucking racist bastards i bet whoever photo shopped this image is a racist fuck with no life and spend most of his time jacking off in front of his internet girl friend behind his computer screen. Indians are nice people you cock suckers and extremely hard working people. JUST BECAUSE ASIAN LIFE STYLES ARE DIFFERENT DOESNT MEAN YOU CAN MAKE FUN OF THEM !!! GET A LIFE LOSERS THIS SITE IS SUPPOSED TO MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH NOT AROUSE ANGER !!!! Bet the guy who made this is a loving example of an epic fail…..

    1. Dude, take a pill… Preferably a cyanide pill.No one photoshopped this image. I checked it myself when it was first posted on this site. The person that posted this most likely was not a racist but was only pointing out the fact that it is a racist fail. Your comment is no better than any “racist” comment that may have been posted on here. As for myself, I just told you to take a cyanide pill because I felt like it and I’m allowed because you are a dumb fuck. How do ya like that?

      Have a nice day

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