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  1. Little Ray Ray is too cool for the roller coaster as he thinks of the ice cold watermelon and grape Kool-Aid waiting for him at home. Perhaps he will stop at Popeye’s on the way home and get a combo meal with a biscuit, break into somebody’s house, and then harass a blond, blue-eyed white woman as he cashes his welfare check while purchasing some malt liquor. There, was that racist enough?

    1. wow…and I was going to comment of the eggroll aka asian kid in the back looking all retarded and shit,but now I see what you are talking about…ha!

    2. V you hit the nail on the head. I bet he got into the amusement park as part of some fresh air fund for inner city kids. Of course waiting at home is one of his baby mommas with several of his children and the children of the other members of his gang.

    3. V, you are the very ignorant. I can’t believe you. I can’t believe you forgot to mention that he’s also buying Black N Milds with that malt liquor.

    4. That blonde, blue-eyed woman he harasses better not be Tiger Woods’ wife, or she’ll beat the shit out of his dark, pouty ass with a golf club then scratch up his face.

    5. You can cash a welfare check at a liquor store? Wowie. I think he just new the picture was being taken and since black folks don’t smile in photos he put on his anger man face.

    6. fuck yall racist ass pussys. v who ever you are, you one on those punk ass mother fuckers that will only write shit on the web. i wish to god i could find you and put a bullet in your ass, i bet your real father is black and your mother met him at the strip club where she works

    7. ^^ That Fred is not me. Notice that my name has the calming blue beside my name while his has the baby-shit green beside his.

  2. lol u guys are so racist… but so funny. anyway I think thats a rollercoaster ride for retards look at the people behind him they looked really high

    1. FAIL comment. There’s too much repressed anger in those eyes for him to be “chill”. Looks like Malcolm X’s anger and Louis Farrakhan’s anger were injected into a monkey ova and *POOF* Ray Ray was born.

    2. Thats ok big black, white people LOVE seeing spacious cotton fields, using farm equipment instead of BEING farm equipment, long boat rides, reading, using correct grammar, handcuffs(we have more fun with them), swimming, whips, and of course, black on black crime. Not to mention having roots that arent infested with AIDS. Enjoy your pork!

    3. big nig you’re not helping your cause claiming to still practice canabalism. SHAKA ZULU!!!!

    4. V, you are such a funking LAME! All you do is sit on the computer and get on, and talk shit about black people. And everything else. Every post on this website that I get on…here your lame ass is. GET A LIFE PLEASE!!! Gosh I am sick of seeing your stupid racist igorant comments about EVERYTHING! SHUT THE FUNK UP! DAMMIT!!!!!!

  3. he doesn’t know how to react, those rides are fun and your not supposed to sit like that Little Ray Ray, he’s as confused like a black man in a melon patch

  4. His mom told him that she found his porn stash, burned it and she is gonna give away his PS3, Xbox 360 and his cellphone right before he got on. i think that would ruin anybody’s roller coaster fun-ride. When he got home, his friends came over…”fuck this shit and that trip to six flags nigga, ma summer just got fucked up. My moms found my shit and burned em and gave some mofos my games man… nah i cant go play ball i got chores or moms is gonna woop my ass.” holla at me when school starts.

  5. Im not a black person. But sometimes i wish i was…cause i would be the guy that went out and found you pussy ass racist fucktards who have no problem saying your stereotypical garbage on a freakin comment page where nobody can see you. I would bet all the money i had you wouldnt dare say something like that to a black persons face…you fucking arrogant retards…READ A BOOK AND LEARN YOU REDNECKS

    1. 1.Act hard on a comment page about people on a comment page
      2.Assume all racist are rednecks (stereotypical of you)
      3.You wish you were black

    2. carefull. little mikey’s gonna sliploose and gna cum fukn cut our whyte asses
      seeing as rednecks ain’t got no gunz

    3. I feel u slip. There is a ton of p.c and laptop warriors on this site. Those with the toughest comments is the biggest pussies if u meet them. Thats y they feel so empowered with those comments in the privacy of their home. I wish i can find a way to hack in each and everyone of these guys profile to find their location. I would love to meet these pussyholes. And no i wouldnt come with a 9mm. I would just beat u to the fucking ground.

  6. who says its a requirement for someone to be enjoying a roller coaster ride… he can have whatever facial expressions he wants

    1. But he saw the ride, got in line, and paid to be amused. Who would waste money on something to “have fun,” then sit there and be pissy?
      If one of the guys you blow sat there looking like a sour-puss the whole time, would you expect them to keep coming back as a paying customer?

  7. V=biggest loser online, redneck dude/slut needs to find some friends (I think she/he has found one or two online now, i bet she is gonna add them to her “friendlist”, loner keyboard warrior slut, I’ll bet all my assets you say that to a black man in real life, pale honk…
    me=win haha

    1. hahahahaha! What a fuckin’ moron! You fail with all your assumptions.
      Fail 1: My best friend in the whole world is black and we joke about this kind of shit all the time!
      Fail 2: I’m not white so no pale honk or redneck here
      Fail 3: You cannot give yourself a win. A win must be bestowed upon you by someone else.
      Feel free to go crawl back under whatever rock you came from and re-evaluate what you call a life that gets so bent out of shape over what somebody posts on a website. And try to get laid without paying for it before your 1st social security check gets mailed to you.
      you all failed = Daniel and James rolled into 1

    2. V = win
      ha ha

      By the way, V can I be on your friendslist? If it was a battle between the two of you here…

    1. I don’t know. What do you look like? Are you female? Are you available? Do you reside on the same continent? Are you rich? (just kidding on that last one, though if u are, it wouldn’t hurt)

  8. His mom just died and his asshole friends decided to cheer him up without beer and hookers. Instead they took him to magic mountain where some five year old pissed on his leg. Fuckin’ idiots.

  9. Ye dis ain’t HALF as bad as runin from da po-leece, yao…
    Brotha gotta practice da “serial killa” mask for y’all whyte asses on dis list. . .

    I wonder if someone told him the joke about the priest and the black guy

  10. He was thinkin up some lyrics to “im onna rollercoster”, could be the next big thing to hit the rap game G. and as for the redneck and anti-racism remarks, you make fun of every kinda white person there is and you know it so don’t bitch or Sheogorath will ‘come skip rope wit ya innards’. FYI blue eyes brown hair, 6’2″ white man totin a black mans cock. proud to be parta both worlds.

    V=my newest hero

  11. that dude is a fucking gangsta!
    hes like…
    ”this shit aint getting me scared i was shot 60 times bitch!”

  12. You know what’s truly funny is that when the extraterrestrials land, everyone will simply be classified as, Earth Meat! Its so sad that they won’t find intelligent life down here…

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