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    1. Wow… another amazingly brilliant comment/insult from you james. With skills like that, you’re a shoe-in for the Pullitzer Prize!

  1. I think it turns by pulling the balance stick on operate it. His turn was a bit sharp and he leaned out, trying to pull in, pulling the stick further sideways, accelerating him into his own doom. Fail!

    1. I’ve operated one of those things; you’re absolutely right, which makes it a perfect idiot trap. You lean with the stick and the further the stick is to the side, the faster it turns. So once you get to a certain point leaning with the turn, going that fast, centrifugal force makes it physically almost impossible for you to โ€œleanโ€ back up. He was owned by physics.

    2. Owned by physics, love it. I think that’s true of all of the video’s on here, people owned by a form of science, watching a video of a guy getting skull-fucked by a Parrot on here, I drew the conclusion that he was owned by Biology.

  2. Thats one hell of a power assisted fork lift /pallet jack. He could’ve eased off the accelerator and saved it, they usually have a thumb control for speed.
    Must be a union warehouse with that kind of idiocy.

  3. How dumb can he be…Doesn’t he feel that while he keeps increasing rotating speed it will eventually throw him away?He could land on his head or worse.

    1. My sense of humor only comes out when I’m super tired, when I’m wide awake I usually FAIL at jokes lol.

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