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  1. Sounded like Cletus McFailberry Jr. directing behind the camera, with his pet pig that you hear snorting a few times.
    Her tits were kind of win though.

  2. These stair sledders gotta learn to put soft pillows at the bottom to prevent the faceplants. Also a push like the one in the video will almost always screw you up and flip you over. Lastly, where in the hell did they get a tank of laundry basket?

    1. I said I’d do her, not pay to do her. Her boobs aren’t bad, but not quite big enough to warrant me pulling out the wallet.

  3. oi the chick that pushed her down the stairs isnt that the chick from paranormal activity it looks like the stairs from paranormal activity like the lay out and the chiick looks like her !! weird

  4. hmmm, this actually would’ve worked if…the RIDER had sat with her legs straight, her back against the back of the box, her hands pulling at the top lip of the box front like reigns on a sleigh to give it LIFT, and if the PUSHER eased her down slowly instead of toppling her over at the top stair, instead another case of topplinherboxioustairasuarus…

  5. Which one of the three is stupidest?

    A) The idiot in the box for tyring this and relying on the other two retards?

    B) The moron who shoved her down the steps?

    C) That nuts-for-brains guy at the bottom who was moving her after a potential neck/spine injury?

    I hope none of them reproduce.

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