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  1. Nice to know I’m on the winning team with everyone on the fuck Daniel (and James) train. Its beer o’clock somewhere.

  2. LOL this loosers are all pissed off by me and daniel loloool… i don’t fuck ginger (your sisters) but maybe daniel did xD

    1. Hey, you stopped getting ass rammed for 5 minutes to come check out the site. Good for you, homo. Good for you. Go back to cock gobbling now.

  3. How is this a fail….he was drunk already… if it had happened while he was sober i’d understand but he was drunk and fell down…..dats nothing incredible….i’ve seen that plenty of times

  4. Well first he’s pissing on the sidewalk, and second he falls right into the puddle of piss he just made. Being drunk doesn’t give you fail immunity.

    1. I suspect that the only voice you’re capable of is ‘retard’. This video is hilarious… public drunkenness win.

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