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    1. I read somewhere that

      “A gun kill 6 peoples and philosophy kills million”

      That’s in america you’re so retarded and have somany guns, you’re just all scared to die…

    2. Um… no, you dont lock your arm, especially with a high caliber hand gun, you just try to keep to rights lined up on target by holding it firmly not just having it in your hands and pulling the trigger like that girl

  1. Those guys are assholes, as if they couldn’t tell by how she was holding the gun tha– wait… wait… oh, very clever guys. You let that happen to cover the bruises from the drunken beating you gave her last night. We’re on to you!

    1. @sir laughs alot..thats a 5ft 5in 300lb fat man… not a big guy…a big guy is 5ft 11in 207bl of muscle..that my friend is a sufficient killing machine

    2. I was atempting to be nice to our plus-size “pistolero”, but hey, mm85 calls it like he sees it.

  2. What gets me, is that these people have no idea the amount of power that even a small firearm possesses. Yeesh, damn thing could crush an orbital.

  3. POW! right in the kisser. POW! right in the kisser. POW! right in the kisser. POW! right in the kisser. :L 😛

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