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  1. Of course, when the boxes come crashing down and crush the poor kid, it will somehow be the store’s fault or the box company’s fault or anybody else but not the parent. Oh no, I would NEVER put my kid in danger so it must be all of you. So they sue and win a billion dollars and we have to pay $4 for a tube of toothpaste that cost 37 cents to make. Rock on!

    1. this makes me want to stray to a small island and live off coconuts and weird looking fish for the rest of my life…

    2. well yer part right but ppl suing multinational conglomerates definately isnt the reason all you fucking twat consumers are being ripped off.

    1. Yes it was, and it was there first. If you’re going to rip it off, at least have the decency to give them credit.

  2. thats fucking sad. are the parents FUCKING RETARDED?! i mean what the hell? they are so fucking retarded they need to go to a mental institution

  3. fuxin rednecks…” boi i tell ya whout, in mi day we had to carry daddies beer kegs to the counter while he our beat up our mom in the parking lot for not havin dinner ready after he was dun drinkin”…thats the spirit instill ur fuxed up values in he head while he’s barely able to walk away from the marbrol smoke you ass clown

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