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  1. I wonder if she was dropped on her head at birth, now she see’s everything upside down and it drained the color from her hair.

    1. Oh I’m sure she’s been dropped on lots and lots of “heads.” That’s all someone with her mental capacity is good for.

  2. She looks like that ditzy blonde chick from Hanna Montana. (My girlfriend’s kids would force me to watch it **bring on the comments, i know its comin’**)

    1. haha you’re raising the whore’s other kids! you noob, was she like your highschool crush or something? why would you put UP with that? :O

  3. doesnt that look like Lilly Truscott from Hannah Montana? and then she held a sign that says Oliver…both are from the show Hannah Montana. that’s so weird!

  4. aaa yea …. i’v seen this episode (hannah montana)
    with my cousin babysitting him…. can’t believe he’s 9 and still like that b#tch

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