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    1. god he must have a small dick and is incapable of pleasing her i mean damn shes asian and hot man that dude such a tool haha

    2. AGREED Bunch of savages! BUT THAT BITCH JUST TOOK A HAMMER TO A 400 PIECE OF HARDWARE!!!! She deserves a fail for that alone, because she’s stupid shoulda pawned it honey at least then she could’ve bought her crazy some god damn midol!!! If you can’t get ur man to cum to bed with you at night maybe your not doing something right!

    3. Here’s the logic, she knows the box is “really” only worth about $15 in Hong Kong. She’ll have another one flown in @ 30-45 HK mail delivery days. 😉

    1. She is pretty, that’s for sure, but I don’t know about “cute”.
      When woman knows how to say “honey, please, it’s late” the way you can’t resist it, just switch off computer and go to sleep, that’s one thing, but if she don’t master that and instead heads right away to conflict… s that cute?

  1. there is no way a man can just play video games for three months bitch it trippin and needs some fuckin midolllll

  2. You guys are pathetic. All saying shes justified just because shes hot and you wish you could be with her. Fuck that! Bitch having a fit and throwing my shit like that the next thing to get thrown would be her body out the window.

  3. man guy is a tool gf gets a win he had no job and he wasnt paying bills just liveing off her,without taken care of her

  4. This ain’t no girlfriend fail. His lazy ass should get a job, and take care of the damn house because he needs to damn grow up like her.

  5. Hes probably living under her roof/her money/shes paying the bills, probably got fed up and trashed his ps3, now he has to go run and buy a new one

  6. Yeah, odds are that was probably HER $400 piece of hardware, and if he was half a man he’d already have been in bed. Been in that situation. Being an adult and going to work and paying bills comes first, games later. He was only able to sit there and play games all night in that nice apartment on a nice T.V. because she was paying the bills. That should be a girlfriend WIN. I love games as much as the next geek, but if you don’t pay your bills, you won’t be gaming once the power is shut off.

  7. They put this on world’s wildest or world’s dumbest on TruTV and interviewed them and they acted all lovey dovey. He acted like it wasn’t devastating to him but you know it was. Especially if he doesn’t have a job. He probably got one just to buy a new PS3, lol.

  8. I would have sold that video game and buy me some nice clothes and shoes… then ask him “do you like what you see? this is your $400 video games here”… heck yeah baby!


  10. 1) She isn’t Asian

    2) He is a tool for playing Playstation instead of
    1. Pleasuring his girlfriend
    2. Getting a job

    3) She is an idiot for staying with him, and a total cunt for smashing his shit. If it’s that big of a deal, go find another guy. for a woman as pretty as that, it is very easy since guys offer women dick on a daily basis

  11. she gets a FAIL for being with the loser to begin with..heck after 3 months with no job and nothing but video games id say its time to move on to someone better.

  12. 1.Total bitch
    2.Guys play games big deal learn ta play with em
    3.He should’ve had a damn job before you started datin him um fuckin duh
    4.He sure as shit aint gonna grow up if shes gonna act like that. Guys get off from nitpickin at their girls haha dont brake shit get back at em! Some people are friggin geniuses these days baaahahahaha

  13. This should be a boyfriend fail. Get a job you lazy piece of trash! Your girl is fricking HOT!!! Shouldnt you be pushing her buttons instead of the control pad? I’d definitely tap that girl!

  14. she is my fawking herooooooo!!!!
    like her, im asian..philipino to be exact, and my bf is latino and will spend th ewhole night on his lap top playing league of legends on his stupid little head set!!! i wanna throw his laptop over clif!!!

  15. GF win, that db needs to put some effort in bills and not be playing lame ass gb at 3am could be at least rewording her for all she does instead just a damn leach bag!!!

  16. meh,. world of warcraft is hard to get off of. Knowing i have school, or something constructive i should be doing is important. Play for 4 hours aday,but still be true. Might be worried a little w/ my rigg i built. The chick is right and should win. I am sounding like that emotive who wrote the damn text book right now.Orentail girl can stay if she doesn’t find something to adjust with me. YOUR ON YOUR OWN ON THE HOUSE YOU TWO WITH BILLS I GATHERED.

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