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  1. What was she doing wandering the house at that time of the morning anyways? Should’ve been busy making breakfast or ironing… I’m not about to sit on the sofa, playing PS3 all day in creased y-fronts. Gotta have some self-respect.

    1. Better that he is palying with the PS3 then playing with another women who ironically he now has all the time to do, HA

    2. I suspect he’s really a great guy. He’s just trying to avoid cutting her head off and pounding it with a 5 pound hammer to get it in pieces small enough to flush down the toilet.

  2. wow…what a bitch…I remember back when I had a PS1…my mom came in my room trying to talk to me/bitch at me…I was playing my Playstation while she was bitching and she LOST IT…she stormed out of the room, I thought it was over….then she came back with a fucking hammer and smashed my PS1 right in front of me…so now that’s how I handle all my problems…THANKS MOM!!!!

  3. I’m starting to think that none of the guys heard her say why don’t you get a job and help pay bills sooo, he ain’t got no money she probably brought it anyway so there goes her 400 dollars and if i was her boyfriend than she would want me to play games cause i would be trying to get it in all the time.

  4. If you want his attention then you suck his dick like a real woman would, not smash his Playstation. Maybe if you had a personality he would actually want to talk to you instead of get lost in a video game to drown out the sad reality of his miserable life with you…

  5. none of these idiots heard what she said:

    “Do you realize what time it is?”
    “There goes your f*#%) playstation… Why don’t you get a f*&^&^$^% JOB….”

    he deserved that. she needs a better bf.


  6. The title of this video is a little misleading. I was under the impression I was about to see a crazy ass bitch… Instead I see a lazy ass bastard. ‘Boyfriend Fail’ seems more accurate.

    1. lmao typical u would agree, so u think there was no other way but to smash a system (ps3 $400) that she probably brought with her own money??…..i say to u FAIL……….

  7. She is so damn right!
    Stupid idiot he is, i guess.
    Sitting in front of that tv screen playing PS all day, doing nothing in the house, propably dont even making his own food or smthg.

  8. damn shes beautiful..i would do anything to keep that pussy happy. its about him not payin attention to her. bcus cus its fuckn 3am, who looks for jobs at 3am? 90% chance its not abt him not havin a job.

  9. If this bitch had a good personality maybe he wouldn’t be sitting down playing games all day. Maybe he would get a job just to impress you with nice stuff but now he isn’t doing shit because you had to go all MENOPAUSE on him so bitch you FAILED in the end by first Buying him the PS3(cause you probably did) Two Smashing it so that your money down the drain. Three He’s going to be extremly bored now because the only thing in the house now is a boring ass Girlfriend(I would be surprised if he started cheating)

  10. Amazing. I am going to guess tha majority of you mental giants that were talking smack about the girl are relatives of the human sloth. Assuming the girl was talkin straight, the boy is SERIOUSLY lacking in self-respect to be sitting and playing PS III for six months and not having a job. What kind of man sponges off his ole’ lady like that? And y’all answer is either giver her some dick or fuck her up. Yeah. . .if you can’t even get off your ass and get a fuckin job, doubt you COULD kick her ass, and I’m going to guess if the fucker had two more inches of dick he’d be able to giver her two inches of dick and not have to squat when he pisses. Only fault I see in her is she hadn’t put Spanky out on his ass yet or taken that hammer to the back of his empty skull. And for any of y’all that want to talk smack back – Fuck you and everyone that looks like you. Dickfucks!

    1. You can never assume that a chick is telling the truth, In my personal experiences i could have made 500k a year and bought my girl a bentley and she still would have came up with some bullshit reason why i was a scumbag. So NEVER take the chicks word as the truth unless its proven, This bitch is prolly trying to get a divorce and take all his shit ever think of that.

  11. This is effing stupid. I’m a hardcore chick gamer number 1, so I’d be there gaming with my man. But even if i wasn’t, that was just trashy. IF she’s right to be mad that’s fine, but you don’t react like that is all.

  12. So, all of yous people are talkin about killing the girl? Yous are all damn idiots. 2months on the couch not doing anything but playin video games meanin no job, girl works her ass off to pay “bills” she probably has 2 or 3 jobs, you who think that what im saying is wrong probably are lazy bums who doesn’t know the meaning of responsibility and probably want nothing to do with it, which makes y’all a waste of space on earth. As I said, Idiots.

    1. I don’t know. It’s some kinda hormonal imbalance or something. It seems that “scientists” don’t really know shit about “science”. They’ve got PBS lobbying for their grants though. Maybe they’ll get off of that “String Theory” shit someday and give us some answers.

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