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  1. sigh. this obviously shows how primitive we are still relying on fighting. what we need is peace and love. can’t go wrong with that

    1. Humans cannot pick and choose emotions, genius. Some of us actually take initiative and prepare for the worst. Did your nuts get clipped growing up Daniel?

    2. ohh that right Daniel, you preffer sucking cock instead of fighting, man not everyone is into that shit like you

    3. Please return to the penis you were sucking and finish your spunk meal. You are the biggest pussy since that Daniel guy who keeps posting gay shit here … Oh, never mind.

    4. FUCK U DANIEL, I HATE U !!! Why don’t you go kill urself u worthless waste of space !!!!

    5. I find this amusing.
      He’s trying to piss you guys off.
      The fact that you let it get to you is fucking funny.
      Now, dont get me wrong. I hate him for his comments.
      But still, if you cant figure it out with this comment you’re all idiots.

    6. ya anymore comments back to him will make him a celebrity, just ignore this dumbfuck he is just getting attention by making yall hate him. just ignore him and he will go away. just like poop

  2. looks like he assumed that he could do more damage since he wasn’t wearing gloves.

    and his face getting smashed…what an unforgiving sound.

  3. They were doing the clinch drill for US ARMY Combatives. The guy with no gloves is supposed to achieve a clinch on the guy wearing gloves 3 times in a row in order to become certified level 1 Combatives… Didn’t quite achieve the clinch though lol

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