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    1. it’s a she you people need to get over these stupid rumors gosh
      it’s a she, she may be ugly but whatever

    2. she is beautiful and talanted.. and she has way more fans and money and happiness than you so obviously you fail… mr. puke

    3. I havent seen a dick pick of here yet! theres actually quite a few camel toe pictures of her all over the net from the costumes she wears, like fuck what would she do? stuff her so called ” shlong” up inside? geezus people are fags

    4. Lady Gaga..known as Stephanie.! she is a lady u freaks…just of a stupid rumor doesnt mean is true! if they say something bad about you , you will be mad cause it isn’t true…well she feels like that!


  1. lady gaga isnt a mad, just because she happens to be very sexual. britney spears is sexualy, but she obviously isnt a man… but i would say it is a fail on google. the creator of google is a failure as well…

    1. Have you been under a rock? The reason Google has Lady Gaga is a man is not because she is “very sexual”. Check the news and urban ledgends. This idea that Lady Gaga was a dude was everywhere! There is a video from her on stage where it appears she has man junk. Since the world has been talking about the bulge in her shorts, and a thousand or more bloggers and website are talking about it,of course Google will link you to Lady Gaga is a duude. It has nothing to do with what you think. Get out from under the rock more often.
      The fail is you! clueless fail!

    2. Well not gonna comment on the “Lady” Gaga thing (there is a reason i put Lady in quotes, but dude if the creator of Google is a failure then hell i wanna fail like he did and fail my way to billionaire status…. Dumb ass think before you type nonsensical Crap. Your right on one thing though, Lady Gaga isnt a mad… but she is a man and a mild tard.

    3. Lady Gaga is obviously a woman, you can see it from some of the skimpy dresses she wears to alot of events.
      It was an interesting video, and it could easily lead anyone to belive that she has a penis, (A small one at that) But just do a bit more research first.

    4. She can solve this problem pretty quickly. Just don’t wear underwear one day and “Accidentally” get a picture of your vagina taken while getting out of a car. Everyone is doing it. It is so cool.

  2. lady gaga isnt a man*, just because she happens to be very sexual. britney spears is sexualy, but she obviously isnt a man… but i would say it is a fail on google. the creator of google is a failure as well…

    1. Right, because EVERYONE equates sexuality with being a man, and you have to look past their overt sexuality to see that Lady Gaga and Britney are female. Otherwise nobody would even guess!!1! And making Google a household word everywhere and becoming billionaires in the process, makes the creators of Google epic failures. That’s how it goes down in my book, uh huh.

      *rolls eyes*

    1. The women not only writes her own music but does her dance steps is directly involved in the fashion and is directly involved in the direction of her music video’s, Say what you want about Lady Gaga the fact is she made a million dollars in a year while you set here and slandered her name, whos the real fail anyone who cant see she is a talented and hard working women who has earned alot of money working hard. So you can talk the talk we know that, we also know you cant walk the walk cause if you could you would be where she is now!!

    2. blablablabla she makes shitty music that anyone with half a brain could make, its pop music, it doesent take much to make pop music these days.

  3. So you all make a asumption based on a search. googel does this all the time. Do you all remember when Britney Spears got breat implants that didnt really happen. It was the same thing on google. Every search was about Britney’s fake boob, well guess what she brest fead her kids first sign that she didnt have one, it has been dissproven that she didnt get them done, not to mention she was 17 when the rumor started. I have researched all these leads and it all comes out to be propaganda. The links lead all back to the same vid on youtube, so what she has a big click and a wide set vagina. Im a medical student and I know all about these thing, no sex change could make her voice like. Or her bone structure, so guys and gals I am sorry but the only epic fail here is google giving into the propaganda about one of the most original and talented artist today.

    1. HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!! YOU ALLL FAIL
      sympathizing with fools and hoes…..

  4. Lady Gaga is, by her own admission, a hermaphrodite. She admits to having both genitalia and that she only identifies herself as a man. And that… is the Truth.

  5. the fail here is trying to explain what shit music is to a complete fucking idiot…like, you have to be partially retarded yourself for even attemting sutch a communicative action

  6. For all of you ppl who think lady gaga is a man, I FUCKN AGREE. She’s a nasty slut with no talent, my fucking 4 yearold has more talent

  7. You people are morons. She’s a person, not an “it,” these transphobic comments make me sick. Her gender doesn’t matter. Just cuz she’s famous doesn’t mean you get to treat a person like shit. The rumor is a confirmed hoax anyway.

  8. Lady GaGa (aka Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) is a beautiful woman. I’d hunt ya down for saying otherwise if I thought it would get me a date with her.
    If you’ve ever seen videos before she adopted the Lady GaGa persona, you would really see how beautiful and talented she is. So you looser butch up and admit your wrong.

  9. haha i went google typed “lady gaga is” and theres different results like “dead” and “evil” and something else i forgot

  10. Lady Gaga isn’t a male, she’s a beautiful and talented female. πŸ˜€
    The most amazing & powerful pop singer of our generation. She’s not a fail, only people who think she’s a fail Are that FAIL. πŸ˜€ com’ on grow up.

  11. you all fail for caring about a fail popstar in the first place. just stfu and listen to real music,or stfu and listen to your crap by yourself. either way, stfu about mainstream bullshit. LAST

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