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  1. haha, others are just standing there. They should’ve removed their jackets to cover the fire as it’ll extinguish it faster. Running wont help either, lol. Epic fail.

    1. you would think that if you thought this through enough to, have an accelerant, your buddies around, and a video camera… well you might just throw an extinguisher into the mix as well. No? well then you get what you deserve flamer.

    2. i really enjoy how they start kicking their buddy, as if to put out the flames. thats a fail fire fighting technique.

    1. yeah, did you notice they were pouring something flamable on his back , AND tossing leaves at him OMG, thats halarious, he should have died.. mabe next time. 😉

  2. Scary to watch. Saw a kid light his legs on fire while fucking around with gas when we were kids. He ran and ended up with 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his legs.

    1. I’m a fan of thining out the population of morons. so correction, this is EXACTLY why idiots should play with fire!

    1. i would have liked to be there so i can piss on him with all of his so-called friends … of course i would be aiming at his face and nowhere near the fire! lol

  3. This video is the very definition of fail.

    Lets see…….

    Letting someone set you one fire = fail
    Standing around whilst on fire = fail
    Running around while on fire = fail
    Nobody helping you out = fail
    Videotaping setting someone on fire = fail
    Posting video online so that all of us can make fun of your fail = win!

    1. I guess this is somebodies’ queue to insert a witty Russia comment. “In Russia, flames get burned by you!”

  4. You just saw a guy have his life changed forever. He will never be the same. He might even die; at the very least he faces a painful course of hospitalization and skin grafting, and ugly scars for the remainder of his life.

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