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    1. OMG yes this man deserves this fail. Why didnt any of his singers give him the “ur mic is upside down” signal?! lol

    2. He wanted to show that it wasn’t live …He is part of a comedy group from Romania…If you had the whole video it was a WIN

  1. he graduated medical school and he sings very well. he has a band called Jukebox i was at their concerts. this sort of mistakes happen… i guess

    1. If he has graduated medical school and yet cannot hold a microphone the right way around he and his scalpels can stay a long way away from me!

  2. Ok lets play ,role play see if you know whom i am,leave him alone he made a mistake and he doesnt sing that bad,think about his fellings when he sees this on epic fail,If you can figure out what lame ass im pretinding to be youll get a free lmao on youre next post even if its lame

    1. Is it the Irate bitch that kicks and screams whenever theres a fat/fitting in fail posted?? forget her name… Brandi ?

  3. He probably thought it was a penis. The black balls go at the far end and the knobby end goes in your face.

    Everyone knows that.

  4. @ixxx, Setekh
    so… i suppose you’re stars and you always do it right. get a life and stop criticizing another person.

  5. Hi there. This guy is using the microphone in that way on purpose. That’s a parody to the playback singers from Romania, is not a mistake what he’s doing. In fact he’s a very good singer and his band (Jukebox) is performing a lot of acts of parody on a show with the theme of fails from television (called Cronica Carcotasilor).
    This is not a fail, it should be removed. You that doing this job on fails should know better the conception of sarcasm and parody.

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