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    1. yer im a big ync fan and thats weeg’s one liner…if your not weeg you must be more of a looser than weeg himself lol

  1. I mean, this is hardly the worst thing ever. Sure, I don’t want it to happen to me but this is far from being EPIC. And yes jack, it does seem a little suspicious. I call fake on this.

    1. Seriously? You intimate that you supposedly recognize that as Led Zeppelin, but you don’t know *that* song?

      Alright. Title: “My Poker Face”
      There you go.

    2. No way. “Poker Face” is Lady Gaga and that was definitely not her singing.

      By the way, before everyone kills me, I’m joking.

    3. Damnit V… there goes my nefarious plan to send him off on a wild Youtube goose-chase. Way to be a Daniel! 😛

    4. Livin’ Lovin’ Maid… usually played on the radio immediately after Heartbreaker, since it was the next song on the album too.

      And now you know!

    5. @anubis
      I’m assuming by the “LOL” you don’t know of the other definition of that word – same spelling, different pronunciation and meaning.

      intimate [in-tuh-meyt] (verb)
      1. to indicate or make known directly; hint; imply; suggest.
      2. (Archaic) to make known; announce

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