Toilet Fail


Technology Fail


“Someone sat on the toilet at work and broke it…  We all felt the floor shake in our offices.

No one has owned up to it yet…”

Submitted by Tom DickHarry

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  1. “Someone sat on the toilet at work and broke it… We all felt the floor shake in our offices.

    No one has owned up to it yet…”


  2. You can get a rough idea of the size of the ass by the imprint on the improvised ass-gasket. At least they didn’t get a chance to make a deposit.

  3. Ouch, which ever fat ass broke the toilet is lucky his balls were sliced off, perhaps they were and he took them with him. Or perhaps they got stuck in his ass crack ? WHO KNOWS !

    1. @Luffeh — STFU you stupid shit. are you the fucking defender of bitches on the internet. do me a favor go to the nearest glory hole and stay there all night sucking dick

    2. @Jpimp, those who harass are often uncomfortable in their own skin. You would be a prime example.

    3. ok both you guys knock it off… stick to commenting on these dumbass photos. 😉 I’m basically sick of reading these comments anymore, it used to be funny. Heartbreak…try not to comment on every mindless remark huh? tit for tat is for kids.

    4. @HappyCamper — why don’t you go choke on some donkey dick, dude if you tired of the comments stop reading them and then replying to them like a lil bitch. i think you just want to be the new Daniel

    5. dude can you stop being a buttweed and just shut up if you dont know how someone looks maybe she is ugly but you dont know that maybe your a guy that doesnt get out enough this is my first computer and i love it exept for the people like you that rip on people because you have no lif yourself

    1. LOL. I remember a big old fat-ass lady that took a shit in my house. The sound of her making that shit is so explosive and had a poweful deep ascending sound

    1. Hmm. Alright…
      Step 1: Make a list of everyone in the office that appears to have a size 50 waistline or above. That’s a commercial toilet, so no regular fat-ass broke it; it took an ass of extraordinary girth. You can now write “Suspects” at the top of this list.
      Step 2: Print out a good quality picture of this image. On the picture, write “We have analyzed camera footage in the hallway at the time of ‘the incident.’ We would like to keep this a private matter; please meet in the conference room at 3:00pm today – Mgmt”
      Step 3: Now make enough copies of this message to cover your suspect list, leave one tucked under the keyboard of each. Wait in the conference room.
      Step 4: Take a surprise picture of the first person who walks in at 3:00pm, come back to EpicFAIL and post your new image as “Toilet Fail part 2”

    1. Just got back from Vegas and see this…
      james, you’re still a douche bag and nobody likes you.
      Even your mom wishes she would have aborted you.

      As for the picture…
      Easy explanation. Dude with mega-fat ass has a seat. His enormous cheeks create an air-tight seal. A couple of good pushes and the air pressure blows up the bowl.

  4. Talk about a droppin a bomb, a nuclear shit. “dude I feel ten pounds lighter, dont go in there i blew the hell up out of it”.

  5. He was fixing to take him a power shit. I love them handicap stalls. You’ve got the extra foot of freedom and only one possibility of having one fellow crapper to your left.

  6. I think Tom forgot to mention the culprit apparently bellowed an ear shattering “Hulk smash!!” afterwards and then jumped through the ceiling…

  7. If your a dick to everyone else and have to take a shit with this being the only toilet left…Congratz Karma has just bitch slapped you

    1. Chuck Norris doesn’t get “let in,” he moves freely where-ever and whenever he chooses!!

  8. that was not caused by someone sitting on it trust me i know my toilet demolitions that was hit w/ something.
    i remember in 4th grade i was dared to destroy this toilet in a parkhouse w/ a sledge hammer. i was followed home by the cops and they tried to charge me for a new toilet. i refused cause a construction worker left it in the park where lil kids could get access to it.

  9. you see what happen was, some really fat chick and some really fat dude got really horny. Went into this bathroom fucked on the toilet really hard ( just imagine all that fat rubing up against each other),so it couldnt take and got fucking SHATTERED..
    that is all…

  10. that must be a taco bell in dallas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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