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    1. I worked at home depot for a while and you would be suprised how creative we got loading shit. Once a dude was only going a few miles and we made a sled out of plywood and shrink-wrapped the joint compound on it while the drywall was on the roof.

  1. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but thank god we have highway laws in this country to prevent creative idiots from doing this! Imagine the driver with a couple shots of vodka rounding a corner too quickly–launched lumber!

    1. I belive, that you also have such idiots in your country.

      I also think, that he is from god_knows_where_the_f*ck_this_region, which is too far away from capital. BTW as you said, if he kill several ppl with this wood boards? I will be ROFL))
      P.S. this car looks like a Dumbo, lol ))

  2. Not sure which is the bigger fail. The guy driving around loaded down with lumber or the guy swerving into the other lane trying to film it driving down the road.

    1. Agreed!! That’s what I was thinking the whole time while watching this. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

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