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    1. Ok Yuri, time to lay off the vodka… lol 😉

      …y’know, in Canada we don’t drink Vodka. The vodka drinks us. (oh shit, now I’m doin it) DOH!

    1. nope not a fail on her part, the fail is the guy who would be stupid enough to think he was gettin ne even after he saw her wearing pants. ah prom spending a bunch of money to try and tap some chick’s ass who would have been mediocre at best out of desperation…. good times good times. My Uncle helped me get passed the turn down by taking me to a titty bar and buying me more dances than i needed….THANKS UNC. sorry I’m reminiscing on bittersweet times.

  1. Meh, lame fail. She’s walking down a 3-foot wide staircase, in high-heels, wrapped in a parachute; of course tripping is likely. So, yeah, -1 fail.

    Then again, now at least I’ve stolen the opportunity for Daniel to come riding in like a knight in cum-stained armor, acting like this is and crying about “understanding” and other assorted gayness.

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