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  1. First off this is going on my tombstone
    And anyone who says “Fake” can suck a dick
    I love the last line, give him options
    Label this one as a win

    1. But couldn’t *his friends* be saying “Fuck you” to *him*? They are sending him off with a hearty F-U.

    2. You are correct Mr. Jones. His “friends” being his surviving wife and mistress, according to Snopes. Lame though, it’s a little too easy to pwn a dead guy.

  2. I can see people that like to read tombstones going up thinking, oh what a nice butterfly. Then reading the poem and not even seeing it. Perhaps if every first letter was bold.

  3. Haha, I see most of you want to have fuck you secretly coded into your tombstones. How about going for a diagonal version on yours? WIN!

  4. This is soooo fake. You guys are too easy.
    1. no date of birth
    2. no date of death
    3. not even a last name

    Cute pic, but so fail.

    1. But what if i wanna get cremated? What’ll i do then, get a fleshlight-shaped urn? So they can fuck me forever?

      I’m thinkin’ too much.

  5. Wow alot of you really don’t get this. This poem ends with “missed by your friends”, so it’s clearly them who wrote it, so why would you want this on your tomb? John must of really pissed some people off before dying. Win for the friends, Fail for John!!

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