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    1. Militaryminded85, Seriously dude what kind of name is that?
      Well it suggest that you are a 24 years old punk that lives in his parents basement, and you got a hard on for gunz and the military. You would so like to do your service, but you prefer staying in the basement watching future weapon and amoking your life away. Thumbs up dude

  1. It took me a second to see the fail, *bobit* was right must be FOX only they could rename a centuries old game and some how get all the blondes and folk who dont like them book learnin’ to think it actually is called glog this whole time. wait and see the fail expand on itself.

  2. “Golg?” How many sports does this guy get grossly overpaid for, anyway?!? Is this the one where you fuck someone, then start the timer and get points for running over things in your SUV while fleeing from your wife?
    What happened to the other one where he stands around with a bunch of old fat guys and takes turns hitting balls with his stick?

  3. Well at least now that he’s quitting golg he can concentrate on his golf career.
    Where does he find the time to nail all those nasty bitches?

  4. i think its like when someones talking to you and you’er typing at the same time…but this time he got a dick in the mouth..TIGER WOODS TAKE’S LEAVE FROM…GULG.. SPLAT sperm

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