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    1. I can’t say I love female orgasm…. have no idea because I have never had one…I love when a female makes ME orgasm

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Gio comment win. ask him… “how many nuts passed your mouth last night”? there is no answer that wont sound gay.

    2. no doubt they stuffed all of his holes. The guy with the I love female orgasm isnt fooling anyone. He’s a homo like the rest of them!

    1. I have a feeling you look like the chode kid in the lime green- little faggy earring, pizza face, douche necklace, and likes to lick a man’s asshole.

    2. stfu thats not acne or pizza face 🙂 i only lick your mothers asshole…and then put my stick inside her ok?

    3. Your stick? I think you just admitted you have a tiny thin penis. Congratulations, you’re an idiot.

  1. yeah it figures they would all act like idiots. Yeah I bet you do Like female orgasms just like you like the aids you caught a couple weeks ago.

    1. awwwe..Jason are you afraid of Vagina? Your dad lied to you! Not all women contract aids. Sorry, you were fooled into being a homosexual instead of being born that way.

  2. i am the guy…the backstory takes the fun out of it. i told them i was done and going to sleep. and its funny everyone else got ripped on more than me

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