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  1. He didn’t even need to kick it. It would have rolled in on its own if he hadn’t have. That’s what he gets for trying to steal someone else’s glory.

    1. The sad thing is he wasn’t even doing that. He was the last one to touch it before it got past the goalie. It was his goal already if he had just let it roll in.

    1. well said my friend..and alllll football is a fail if the game isnt played by an english team…i never get why americans say they play football when they clearly use they hands more…its more like a girls game of rugby …take that shit off and play RUGBY proply and drive on the correct side of the road you retards and talk proper ENGLISH cunts

    2. steve? common now i never said anything about spelling or grammer… thats just below the realy go too far somtimes steve

    3. It’s GRAMMAR, and yes, it’s also FUTBOL. The U.S. is the only place they call it “soccer”, go figure. It’s the most popular sport in the world.

    4. Proper English, let’s see, proper would be correct grammar and spelling. Both of which, you fail miserably at.

    5. with the most popular sport in the world b.s., the only reason it is has nothing to do with the sport being good (cause its lame) its because most the rest of the world are still stuck in 3rd world living and can’t afford to play any sport other then soccer. Yes its called soccer to us americans, we make the rules and call it what ever we want to since we are the worlds #1 power.

  2. Fuuuuck! That freakin’ sucks. Happened to me before, but not 1 yard from the goal line.

    –and wtf is with everyone freaking out about what it’s called. Go bang your heads against a wall.

  3. @Militaryminded: I’ve heard it straight from the mouth of a professional Rugby player that the NFL IS the scariest sport in the world. American football has a much higher severity of impact and trauma over Rugby by FAR. So much so, that the rules of the sport are changing to lessen the amount of permanent brain damage the average NFL player will receive over the course of their career. Also, back when the sport was invented, it was far more common for a team to score by kicking the ball through the uprights rather than scoring a touchdown if you even know what that is. I would love to see some Rugby player try and tackle a guy like Adrian Peterson or escape the grasp of a guy like Ray Lewis. Do research and discover how inferior Rugby athletes are in size and strength, not to mention the blistering speed some of the players have that would literally run circles around most Rugby players. Many Rugby organizations have hired American strength trainers. Does 6’4″ 245lbs sound like a decent size for a Rugby player? Sounds excellent right? Thats BELOW average for an NFL tight end. Silly Brit!

  4. When was the last time England won a World Cup? Wasn’t it 1966? Almost 50 years ago. I don’t even think that counts anymore hahah

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