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    1. Are you insinuating that the one on the right isn’t? Admittedly, tans don’t increase attractiveness, but I’d still bend her over and take her around to brown town (yes, brown town; she’s obviously a slut, so gets that extra something special).

    2. @ Corn
      Tight butts drive me nuts too buddy. Giving her the old rectal rooter huh? And just cause james is a faggot and will comment about it, I’m talking about FEMALE ass.

    3. lolol you learned that from your mother huh? she also loved old rectal rooter inside her arse:)i’m dick always shows off full of crap and shitt

    4. Yet another “cleverly” crafted comment by the jamester. Maybe I’ll retaliate when you actually get a good one. Or one that makes sense. I mean I can see the direction you were trying to go but WTF was going on in your head to make that jumbled garbage attempt at an insult a good call?

  1. I would remove the baby from their laps, drink the beer, get a blow job from each of them, break the bottle on one of them in the head while pissing on the other one. have one eat out the one thats unconcious. when she regains conciusness make them recreate the 2 girls 1 cup video. bitch slap them, get their number and never call them.

  2. Has anyone else noticed that all these role model fails are of people between 16 and 22? Wouldn’t this indicated a Parental Fail?

    1. im form argentina (quilmes its a argentinian beer) and i think (im not shure) the left one is 29 years old.. the other one 27…

    2. Excuse me age doesn’t necessarily make them bad parents, their immaturity does. I’m 21, married and have a beautiful on that I cherish and love. That child needs to be taken away from those stupid whores.

  3. Judging by her surroundings and the two hookers, one of which I assume is the biological parental unit, she was boozed up for nine months while bathing in alcohol nightly in the womb anyway. So why stop now?

  4. sure.. all girls who drink beer are sluts..

    the picture doesn’t even indicate that the girl holding the baby is drinking too.

    people commenting here are so dumb. probably includes me since now I’m one of you..

  5. It’s *Role Models Fail* there are four in the fail right now. camera person, girl 1, girl 2 and the jackass sticking the bottle in the babies mouth. See women are so fucked up in the head they even sabotage another female before she even got in the race. HI HATERS.

  6. Well considering neither of them may be the parent the child is far too young to know whta they even doing and its jsut a joke people do this all the time for laughs and a picture. yes i understand the whole fail thing and hahaha that u guys are saying but think logically for a minute please.

  7. I cannot stand these parenting ones. Especially the pictures with babies putting fucking guns in their mouths! WTF!!! These parents should have been aborted in the first place.

  8. Interesting..these are two white girls that have apparently “racked” up the fail points for parenting and yet alot of the “bloggers” want to fukc them..SMDH….you guys can be just down right sick! If that was your baby I’d hope you’d be shitty mad!!

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