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  1. yes the server for modernwarfare 2 is a complete and total fail. but there is a simple way to fix it. just make one of the less used game types as an all glitch mode. so like team deathmatch express or 3rd person cage match can be turned into glitcher… idk people want to glitch because it can be fun and new, so if you give them the platform too they’ll leave everyone else alone, or atleast the amount of people glitching on regular games will be severely reduced. if the glitches were totally gay and only worked for one person in the game than i would be pissed, but as of now being in 18 person free for all games on scrapyard, or having unlimited ammo on the noob tube is pretty fun. eh… they’ll figure something out by christmas anyways.

    1. lol imagine the kill cam on that one, and the reaction to the guy who it killed “WTF? FUCKING HAX!!! REPORT REPORT REPORT”

      cause you know they would

  2. Had something similar happen I shot the jav at the harrier only to have a team mate shoot it down with a pred missile and as I was runnin to gun someone down the jav landed right on top of me…self fail.

  3. I think you guys are missing the point of the fail in this video. What it’s actually trying to say is that any loser that films himself playing video games is a huge fucking failure. LOSEING YOUR VIRGINITY FAIL!!!!

  4. wow vilhelm that is very stereotypical i am a huge gamer and have recorded myself playing games, but oh i lost my virginty at 15 and am still loving it

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